It works! Yeay get excited!

Well im redoing the quiz again because John said I made it too hard last time! Too Hard to soft make up your mind lol! Well it obviously about me so lets see how you do!

A second parapgraph of totaly crap just in case you forgot what you were just doing its a quiz about me real exciting huh? Let me know how it goes! Because I dont know if it tells me or not!

Created by: Bri

  1. Whats my name?
  2. What city do I work in?
  3. What city was my first Apartment in?
  4. Who are my two favorite people?
  5. What are my two favorite colors?
  6. What are my two favorite animals?
  7. Who have I been friends with longest?
  8. How long was my longest relationship?
  9. How did my last relationship end?
  10. What college am I transfering to?
  11. What's my major?
  12. What kind of car do I drive?
  13. Who is the sibling I get along with best?
  14. What states do my two best friends living out of RI?
  15. Who is Jessi?
  16. What bar do I hang out in most?
  17. What are my two hobbies?
  18. How old am I?
  19. My Bithday is?
  20. What's my sign?
  21. My favorite number is?
  22. What color are my eyes?
  23. What is the worst day of my life?
  24. What is my favorite flower?

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