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  • Well... won't give you any ideas ;x Write about what you care about, don't hafta look too far! -quote from my fav author which I follow deeply by

    I forgot but I think when you're done with a quiz where it says finalize or preview first, you go to the right side of the page and there's a blue link that says quiz stats. click there and then go to the blue link that says Create one Free and then you link quizzes, sorry if I didn't help :x good luck on becoming a gotoquiz writer

  • Your Result: Hard hearted

    Your heart is strong. You wont shed a tear if you were stabed in your leg. And you might not cry at all! And if this not true then it was develeped as you got older or will.

    That's true.

    My friends got bullied before and i stood up for them and didnt get the teacher involved :)

  • well when you're making the quiz on the first page I think there's a box to check that says "link this to my acount" after the quiz is made, you could go to your account page, and theres a link that says "link another quiz" click that and you just have to type in the name of your quiz and your password for that quiz =)

  • Soft (76%) and true (56%)

    The first is pretty accurate, but the second is questionable (should be over 80%)

  • Hard hearted

  • true heart :D
    make an account
    click your name
    click at the bottom 'link another quiz'
    type in the quiz pass and name
    bam! quiz on the account

  • Hard hearted as a guy should be. Good quiz

  • True heart

  • True heart!
    Really, that's what I am.
    But, if I need to be harsh, I will be!

  • cool i have a true heart and just create an account dude

    serenity smith
  • Thinks i will make alot more I might gave lost one but idc :)


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