is the one you crush on like you

everyday millions of people wonder if the person they love loves them back. some of them find out that they dont, and some find out they do. do you ever think of that while laying on your bed watching some stupid tv show.

Do you ever wonder if the person you love loves you back. do you have that one special feeling when your around them. find out now! you could find yourself laying on your bed smiling are sitting in a corner crying. take this simple quiz and find out

Created by: lindsey

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have you talked to him/her?
  2. has he/she ever made you laugh
  3. have you ever found him/her staring at you
  4. have they ever sent a friend ar letter saying they love you
  5. do they ever act weird around you
  6. do you hide when you see him/her
  7. do you dress hotter around them
  8. do they sweat, dont know what to say, or send there friends away when you are around
  9. think really hard about them, did you
  10. do YOU think they love you

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