Is he a gentleman?

Have a crush on some guy and want to know if he's the gentleman type? Wanna find out how beastly your brother is? Just taking my quiz beacause you found it on the new quizzes page?

Well, no matter why you are taking this quiz, I'm glad you are! You can find out how polite any guy in your life is.... I hope. If you like this quiz, please comment.

Created by: thisismyquiz

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  1. You and him are walking home from school. When you get to the front door:
  2. At the bus stop, you are both sitting together, chatting quietly. While you ramble on and on about your annoying little brother, he is:
  3. Its reading hour at school, and theres only one seat left. He:
  4. Its your birthday! Did he remember?
  5. He's over at your house, eating dinner with your family. How are his manners?
  6. A bully threatens to steal your lunch money when your friend shows up. He:
  7. Its time for the school dance. He:
  8. You spill grape juice all over your t-shirt! He:
  9. Do you think he is a gentleman?
  10. Will you comment?

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