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Hey guys/girls.......ya know what...I'll call all of you my party people ^.^ you guys are so kuwaii ^.^ and awesome!!! Mini-me is trying to get me a Naruto love quiz....

I honestly don't wanna do it...but it sounds fun...if I do it, I'm not gonna put sasuke in it...Itachi yes...but sasuke is mine that's why my screen name is ilovesasuke because....well... I LOVE SASUKE ;) I've got a HUGE anime crush on him....HUGE ;) I hope that didn't weird you guys out....

Created by: ilovesasuke

  1. *Back to you* "what..are you exactly," you ask. "What am I?," Marcus asked back a bit confused. "Are you...vampire or werewolf kind of thing," you say giving him hints. "Oh you mean like that," he said with his eyes getting big a bit...almost like a lightbulb thing, "_____ I am a demon," he then walks to you out of the sunlights rays, "and I'm also a fallen angel," he says gazing into your soul almost. You shudder a bit at the thought of being in the presence of a demon, you were always told to stay away from those snakes...but he was so beautiful, you couldn't be satisfied...even when he's right there.
  2. *Back to the guys* "how are we gonna get in without causing a big commotion," said Wolfe. "You guys are very lucky to have a ninja as your friend," said Jessie with his eyes looking happy. "Wolfe and Tala you will both take out those guards, Nathan and Connor you both look for anything that could give us away, Chad and I will wait here to make sure things run smoothly....also you're going to have to disguise yourselves in their clothes, that's why Chad is staying with me...he's too big for their clothes," Jessie said clearly. "Ok so me and Wolfe are going to have to take those four down? Like at once?," Tala asked confused. "Oh..would you look at that....Nathan? Connor? You wanna help them?," asked Jessie. "Anything to get to ______ faster," said Nathan honestly. Connor laughed a bit," you should hear yourself," "look who's talking...dont think I don't hear you talk to yourself in your room," said Nathan. "Point proven," said Connor sighing, "you always take out the word fun." Jessie parted his back, then they all took out the guards according to plan, put on their clothes, then headed towards the castle.
  3. *Back to you* "I've fallen and I can't get back up," he said looking at the ceiling then at you with his eyes glowing that velvet dark purple you love, "maybe I could help," you say gazing in his eyes. "You're an angel yourself, but I don't think you've fallen," "then how am I here..with you," you say kissing him passionately. "Maybe you have an....inescapable grip on me when I first seen you, but if I'm with you right now you must've pulled me into heaven again," he said. "I hear people coming," you say looking in his eyes, he turns towards the door. The door knocks, "we need to see ____, its very urgent," said Nathan in could never forget that amazing deep voice. "_____ did you have somewhere to be," asked Marcus. You nod, "um...doctors appointment...I seen them and so I told them to get me before my appointment here they are," you say smiling. "Oh..well then is there something wrong," he asked. "They want to make sure why I'm having these they know I'm not going mental," you say quite cooly. "Oh I hope your appointment goes well _____," he says. "They might hold me for a few days because of testing," you say going to the door. "Goodbye _____," he says kissing you a nice farewell kiss. He closes the door, then you turn to the guys.
  4. You look at the guys, a bit sorrowful. They didn't seem to mind about it. They took you out of the castle and started to run. You finally reached the house. They immediately started checking to see if you were hurt. "Are you in pain anywhere," asked Nathan with worry written on his face. "I'm fine guys," you say. They start to take off the uniforms they took from the guards. Everyone goes inside...except Chad and Tala, "where are they going," you ask. "They kinda developed a bad habit of working out," said Nathan. 'That's a habit I hope they don't break' you think, blushing a little. Its night again, Rebecca wakes you up, "______ I got an idea on how we prank the guys back for getting us," "awesome," you both look back on your bed, Rebecca looks at you, "_____ you weren't doing anything were you," she asked with a mischievous look. "No...I have no idea h-," Rebecca cuts you off, "whatever lets do this before they wake up." She gets a metal pot and puts it in the hallway, which echoes everything, she puts 1,000 black cats in the pot, puts the lid on slanted, she lights a black cat, drops it then runs where you are, then you both hide.
  5. You both countdowned the fireworks until they exploded. You can hear the scattered screams and falling. The guys ran out of their rooms to see what had happened....but Nathan came out of your room. All the guys looked at him for a minute. They then heard laughing from a closet, as soon as they opened the door, they had only seen blurs. You and Rebecca run outside and as you are both running, you both change into wolf forms. Rebecca looked at you, then you heard her voice, "so looks like your part werewolf," "I'm not a werewolf...I can shapeshift," you say a bit confused. "No, you're definitely part werewolf, if you are at least a 7-8 ft. wolf and you can hear me right now...then yeah...werewolf," she stated. "Oh...COOL!!" You think to her.
  6. You both run to take cover in a cave. Only a few seconds later you both see them run ninjas. Once you see them pass by, you both sneak out of the cave behind them. They are all looking for you and you and Rebecca scare the guys. Adam puts his hands on her shoulders, then he hugs her, the other guys jumped and turned around...Wolfe fell to the ground balled up. You stand laughing, holding your sides, "oh-oh my stomach hurts-yo-you should've seen your faces," you manage to say. "What was that for, I thought someone came in and shot you," said Connor. "Remember when you cranked me? Yeah I had thought Tala really killed I guess this makes us even," you say quite happy.
  7. "Ok..just don't do that again," said Nathan. You all go back in the house. You and Rebecca keep laughing occasionally. You get back to bed. You start to dream.
  8. *In your dream* you look see nobody. Everything is much more drenched in red than you remember. You don't bother asking if anyone is around, you see someone turned looks almost like Nathan, "Nathan?," you touch his shoulder. When he turns around, his eyes are that black you remember, with the thin red ribbon around his pupil. You start to run, be grabs your shoulder, turns you around, then you gaze in his eyes. Although you are terrified, you can't help but feel a bit safe. He leans you closer to him, he kisses your neck, then you feel your neck pinch a bit. Slowly you start to feel sleepy, drained of energy, you also feel a bit cold...the first thing that you think of is...Death. You fight to keep your eyes open, "N-Nathan...what...why," you see him pull away. His mouth was covered with your blood, as disgusted as you were at the thought, his pale white, velvet skin looked as if he appeared to look...a bit beautiful with your blood on him...'what am I thinking?!? I like/love him...but I don't want to die...not here....not now' you thought. Just then everything went black.
  9. When you wake up from that horrible see Wolfe and Nathan pinning you down to your bed. With everyone else looking at you concerned. "_____ are you ok?," asked Nathan. "Mhm," you say wiping your eyes..once again they are wet. Nathan and Wolfe ease up and stop pinning you down. "____ you kept saying my name in your sleep," said Nathan. "Saying? you mean screaming," said Connor. "You kept screaming and clawing the air and kicking everywhere, so I got Wolfe to help me pin you down," Nathan explained. "What was making you scream _____?," asked Wolfe hugging you gently. You then explain your dream to them.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! HANGING ON A CLIIIIIIF!! I remember that show...used to come on PBS....I had nothing else to watch in my early teen life...gosh I'm only 14 :P oh well who do you love ^.^

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