Irrevocable Love part 8

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This was so fun making ^.^ I'm always scared that I'll put cliffhanger on question 11 -_- that would suck....its gonna happen I just know it...REALLY sorry if I do...

If you ever go onto my pic is what my sister says what I look like in me I think its dead on lol ^.^ so I put more of Connor and Jessie...I hope you get who you want ^.^

Created by: ilovesasuke

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  1. You both lean in for another kiss, but is interrupted by one of his workers, "um sir," "what do you want," " you in private sir," "fine," Marcus said turning to you with his deep purple eyes, "I will return shortly," "I miss you already," you reply gazing in his eyes.
  2. *Back to the house* "I'm worried, so much," said Wolfe. "I hope she's fine," said Conner, "I swear if he lays a finger on him I'll...just....GRRRRR," Connor continued. " I seeing a new Connor...and you picked on me for liking her," teased Nathan then turned serious. "What is so bad about him," said Chad. They all looked at him surprised, "nobody told you," asked Tala. Chad shook his head, "I guess I should tell you," said Jessie. "Marcus wants to kill _____ because she has enough power to destroy his army and him, to make matters worse..he's cannibal, he's a very good liar, but I'm sure ____ can see past his game" Jessie explained. "How do you know all of this," Chad asked. "I used to work for him, until I seen who he wanted killed...she was just so perfect, I just couldn't take part in killing such a beautiful would be inhumane," Jessie admitted blushing a bit.
  3. "You really have feelings for her don't you," asked Connor to Jessie. Jessie nodded, "I was supposed to kill her while...I'll refer to him as stalker, his name was Benjamin, but while he had her pinned I was supposed to break her neck..killing her instantly, then I heard what he had said earlier..he wasn't posing to kiss her..he was really trying," Jessie explained, "I guess I was a bit jealous too, but I seen Wolfe and Tala, I knew they were with her because of what they did to Jim...the guy who made her faint
  4. "We need to help her NOW," said Connor. "We can't just barge in there while he has her, he'll kill her in front of us," said Nathan. "We just need to train so we can be stronger than them," pointed out Jessie. They all continued out to train, Chad was doing his weights, Nathan was practicing hand to hand combat with Jessie (they both looked like ninjas ;) ), Wolfe and Tala sharpened their wolf form combat skills. Rebecca and Adam really didn't need to train...they were ready to the max! They just lay their hand in hand looking at the sky, guessing what shapes the clouds were.
  5. *Back to you* You yawn a bit...Marcus notices, "I should get you to your room....and by the look really cute when you yawn...almost like a little puppy," he compliments with him blushing...and you too. You get up to follow him, but he decides to carry you bridal style instead. "You're so feel like nothing almost," he says...hoping to flatter you, " thanks...I don't really eat much."
  6. *Back at the house* It was night...again. "they've been training all day...they must be exhausted," said Adam. "Well I guess they train until they pass out...wouldn't you do the same if I were kidnapped," said Rebecca. Adam gazed into her eyes with the dark emerald color she loves deeply, "if you were gone...I would have countless sleepless nights, I wouldn't survive at most a day...besides they'd never take you...I will never leave your side." Rebecca gazed into his eyes deeply, "this is the side I've fallen in love with...along all your other sides." They gazed into each others eyes, blushing, as if they've never been dating. They kissed long and passionately.
  7. *Back to you* you fall asleep in Marcus's arms. He carries you to your bed, you feel him lay beside you. *in your dream* you look around, it's the same place where you seen Marcus, but Marcus is gone. Your ankle feels better. You walk around the red color drenched place. You see the moon is putting off a red glow. You feel scared, and alone. You see in the darkness you bump into someone. You look to see who it is, it was Nathan, he looks at your forearm. You cut it on a few bushes full of thorns. Nathans eyes turn from the beautiful blue color, to an evil, darkness drenched black. Around his pupil was a thin ribbon of a blood red color. He grabs for you, you run, then you bump into Marcus again, you don't even look at him, " me Nathan is trying to kill me," you then look at Marcus, his eyes are a glowing yellow. You get out of his arms and run, the wolves see you again, they too decide to chase after you. You are confused, "why does everyone want to hurt me," you continue running.
  8. You wake up being shaken by someone. You open your eyes to see Marcus looking at you worried. "_______ are you ok," " bad dream I guess," you say. "Must be...I never knew you cried in your sleep," "cry?," you say touching your eyes. They feel wet, "I guess I do cry in my sleep," you say smiling a bit. Marcus wipes your eyes, "what was your dream about," "'t really remember," you say quite fast. "Yes you do...was it that bad?" You then tell him about your dream. "_____ that was horrible," he says with worried eyes. "I've had almost the same dream, except this one picked up where the first one left off," you say. Marcus hugs you gently and kisses your head, "I would never attempt to hurt you, remember that." "You know I haven't seen a good look at you," he walks into the sunlights rays. You admire how his skin looks perfect..but you start to recognize him, "you...were....Kevin?," you say surprised. "Yes...I didn't want you finding out that I was Marcus..I thought you would try to give me away," he said. You walk up to him, "I would never snitch on someone like that, without giving me the chance to know them," you then hug him tightly.
  9. *Back to the guys* "I think we're ready," said Nathan. "Ya think?," said Rebecca playfully jumping up like a three year old in a toy store. "I just hope he hasn't tried anything on her yet," said Connor worried. "I'm not afraid to all," said Jessie. They all started heading towards the castle Marcus was in.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!! ;) soooo I see that more people are taking this *small squeal* I'm so happy ^.^ you guys/girls should tell others about this quiz..this is my first series EVER and I'm proud to see that people are taking it ^.^ some credit to my master mind >:) who helps me come up with guys should comment so I can know your opinions ^.^ SOOOOOOOO. who do yas like ;)

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