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Hey if your wondering where part 6 is uhmm your gonna have to look it up :P sorry my account was jackin up...part ones there too ^.^ you just type in 'irrevocable love' and they should all be there ^.^

Has anyone heard the song Taylor from Jack Johnson? ITS AWESOME!!!!! Although it has my name, Taylor, in it....its an amazing song ^.^ I listened to it while making the quiz on repeat...but I hope you love the quiz ^.^

Created by: ilovesasuke

  1. You feel someone pick you want to open your eyes...but you are too tired. You crack open your eyes a little, you see a stranger. You feel scared and try to move, but your hands and feet are tied together. The stranger has a headset on, "I got her, Marcus...what now," "bring her to me Victor," said the voice answering the stranger. He sees you awake, and pushes your juggular hard. You feel the world rotate fast, then lightheaded, then everything went black. Who do you call out for help?
  2. *Back at the house* Wolfe wakes up...he feels uncomfortable about something. He looks around, then goes back to sleep. The next morning everyone was awake..they were waiting for you, "when do you think she'll come down," asked Nathan, "I don't know...go and wake her up," said Rebecca to Nathan. Nathan goes to your room, he peels the covers back to see nothing but a note. It was written in blood...his eyes were changing colors...he smelled the blood. He continued to read the note, 'Don't bother comin, we have her..and if that means killing all of you to keep her with Marcus...that's what it'll take. P.S. this is written in her blood...' Nathan began to walk towards the kitchen where everyone else was. He dropped the note on the counter top. "What's that," Rebecca said with Adam holding her waist. She began reading it aloud. Everyone went pale...there was a long silence.
  3. *Back to you* You wake up in a cold place. You feel so cold..and alone. You wish someone was with you to comfort you. You fight back welling tears. 'Its so dark...and so cold..I wish ______ were here with me right now," you think.
  4. You find the strength to stand, your legs are a bit wobbly..but you manage. You find your in a cell, you hold onto the bars, "HELLO? IS ANYBODY IN HERE," you call out. At that moment, you see those neon violet eyes from your dream pierce the darkness. "Why yes there is," he replies. He comes closer, you feel a hand cradle your face, "I have to say you are a bit cuter than I expected," "I-I think I know who you are," you say with chills running down your back. "And who am I," he says teasingly.
  5. "Marcus," you say scared. "How did you know ____? Are you stalking me," he said playfully. Your hands slip off the bars and you fall. You hear the lock being unlocked, your heart is racing. You hear the keys stop moving, then you hear footsteps come closer to you. He kneels at you so that he is at your height, "why are you scared _____" "because I know you want to kill me," you answer pinning yourself in a corner. "I'm actually having second thoughts," he says with his eyes changing to a dark purple. You can't help feel a bit safer.
  6. *Back at the house* Everyone is worried about you..thoughts are running through their heads, 'what if he kills her' 'what if he kills her and comes for us.' Rebecca and Adam weren't as worried as the guys. "Guys, she'll be fine...I'm sure she knows how to take care of herself," Rebecca said easing the pressure off everyone. Everyone agreed with her. The atmosphere was calmer now. "I hope she's okay," said Chad. The other guys agreed with him. "You guys should just admit your feelings for her," said Rebecca taking Adams hand, "we confessed to each other and now were inseparable.
  7. *Back to you* Your legs are really weak...and sore. He noticed you were in pain, "why don't I take you someplace more comfortable." He picked you up, bridal style, to a room. The hallways were huge and spaced, he stopped at a door that was dark, but beautiful. He opened the door, and you see a HUGE bed, with blood purple (my blood is dark purple that normal or is that just really dark blood.....oh well on with the story) he looks at you and smiles, "this is my room...its not much, but it's enough I guess," "no dark....but its beautiful," you say "just how I am," he said winking. You blush a little well..because he kinda is. He lays you on his bed, "I have this medicine I made, it heals all pain you have in an instant," he says giving you a small, black pill. "If medicine is black....doesn't that mean its like....poison or something," you say examining the pill closely. "What? Its my favorite color," he says laughing a bit.
  8. You take the pill, "don't worry I already tested it on my workers," he says smiling. It had a very sweet aftertaste. Suddenly your legs feel...better. You go to sit up, then Marcus grabs your arm, "you might want to walk around for a few seconds." He helps you up and takes your hand, you start to walk around with him. He takes you to his balcony, you can see everything for miles away. "This is breath taking," you say, "yeah...but not as breath taking as you are," he said.
  9. He takes your hand, puts it up to his lips, "I hope you think the same for me," he says with his eyes changing back to dark purple, but around the pupil it was a pure ring. You wanted to get a closer look at his eyes, just then you came closer than you wanted to. He was kissing you passionately...his lips were softer than any fleece, his face felt more velvet than you thought it would feel, his breath colder than snow on a winter day. You both pull away slightly, your foreheads resting on each others. You were surprised at how good he was, you resisted the urge to rip off his shirt...although a part of you was holding you back. You were shocked at what just happened, "you are a good kisser, I must confess," he said. You put your hand on his chest, you feel his heartbeat, "are you nervous," you ask looking at him with mischievous eyes. "How would you know," he said in a very alluring tone. "Your heart tells me," you say pinning him against a wall beside the railing of the balcony.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! ^.^ While you guys are might wanna look at the paragraphs. It tells you about...what I wanna tell you ^.^ thanks!!!! Who do you love

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