Irrevocable Love part 3

'Sup guys :) I'm here with part 3 thank you so much for taking these :) I got my master mind >:) and mini-me helping me with ideas :) you guys should comment who you got and tell me what ya think!

You guys are awesome if you take this mini-me takes the quiz my master mind >:) helps me out with ideas :) if you comment be nice to me please because being a Chad is mean xD sorry for those who like him....but enjoy the quiz

Created by: ilovesasuke

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  1. You both were coming in for a kiss, it was so perfect...but you put a finger on his lips. Surprised at what you had done you say, "I don't know if we should, I mean we just met." "Yeah, yeah whatever..uh can I get my kiss now?" he said quite quickly. You look at him in disbelief, "wait a minute," you say then you slap him hard enough to echo through the woods. He changes into stalker, who then grabs you tightly by the arms trying to force you to kiss him. You stand there kicking and trying to get your arms free, but he has too tight of a grip.
  2. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!? TRICK ME INTO THINKING....GET OFF ME!" You yell struggling to get his massive weight off you, just then a black figure passed by and in a flash you seen him being held back by a guy who was really lean and had tan skin and mud brown perfect eyes, "do what you want to him, besides he was forcing you to do something to do something to him," he said with a polite look in his eyes. Then you slap him hard enough to make it echo through the forest then you kick him where it counts. You nod at the person letting him know you're done. He then throws the stalker in the air, you start to wonder why he was standing think to yourself is he trying to hear how loud he'll this when he hits the ground? Then you see a huge white wolf catch the stalker and pin him down with one paw.
  3. Just then the actual Nathan appears behind the wolves then he looks over at you worried he runs over to you, a bit faster than you expected. "GET OFF ME," grunts the stalker underneath the wolves paw. The wolf growls and snarls at the stalker underneath his paw. The ninja, black figure who helped you, and Nathan came over to you to see if you were alright. Nathan checked your vitals ever so gently, while the ninja checked for bruises or scratches. "Oh and by the way, my name is Jessie," said the ninja to you. He then looked at your arm shocked.
  4. "What is it," you ask Jessie. "Nathan I think he may have fractured her arm gripping her tightly," Nathan quickly glanced at Jessie then your arm, then he pinned the stalker to a tree, "who do you work for," growled Nathan. "As if I'm telling you," said the stalker trying to get loose from Nathans grip. Nathan tightened his grip around the stalkers neck, "I'm gonna ask once you work for," "ah I-I can't breathe...fine I'll talk...I work for the Aliah society," said the stalker squirming. Nathans eyes widen a bit then threw the stalker into the air, the white wolf caught him again then started to tear him apart.
  5. They all looked at each other in shock, "so they do exist," said Nathan. Then you see the black wolf which is 3 times your size come near you. You can't help but remain frozen, you start to notice the wolf....change. The wolf started looking smaller and more..human-like, the wolf suddenly looked like Tala, you think for a was Tala. The white wolf about the same size, did the same which took the form of Wolfe. "What is going on? Tala, Wolfe you both-- what," you say confused. "Didn't I tell you she'd react like that," laughed Tala. Nathan looked at them with red eyes, "guys stop messing with her, she's confused enough," he said hugging you.
  6. Nathan turned to you, "_____ everything is not as they seem," "what do you mean Nathan," you ask. "Uhmm we should get you home," Tala said. They escorted you home, but when you walk in everything is a mess. Everything was in perfect shape when you left, you found a note that read, 'Got your parents, your next.' You dropped the note and reached for your cell phone. You called your mom who has just landed in Japan for a business trip, you call the phone picks up, "mom, are you ok? mom please tell me you are alright," you plead. "Oh mother dear is just perfect," said a voice attempting to mock your mother, "mother is just perfect...she joined your father at the same must've read my note, you're next....don't forget that....." the phone hung up. Then your phone rang again, you hesitate to say hello so you jus let it ring. There is a knock at the door, you look out a window to be safe, its Nathan. You open the door and throw yourself onto him and start crying.
  7. Nathan wrapped his arms around you, "I know, I heard...we have a hideout we can take you to, I promise they won't find you there," he said comforting you then he kissed your cheek. He then carried you to the hideout because you were weak from heartbreak with your parents being dead. "What's up with her," said Tala, Nathan told them with you in another room, he figured you didn't want to hear it again. "____ I'm sorry about what happened," said Wolfe with caring eyes, "its alright, I have you guys now," you say shakily trying to put on a smile. Wolfe kissed your cheek and he went out into the woods.
  8. You decide that you need to get out of the hideout for a while, so you walk in the woods. You are trying to clear your mind, but you have memories of your mom and dad,*flashback* "You want beer?" "No daddy its ROOT beer its not what you drink"*flashback ends* you laugh with tears streaming down your face, you remember how tall you felt oh his shoulders, how he snap out of your thoughts to hear a snap of a twig in the distance.
  9. You grab a nearby fallen limb, in case an enemy is after you. The fog rises, the only thing you see is your hands, you see a black figure move towards you. You run and you bump into something cold and hard, "you're fast" you hear a familiar voice say. You see a hand come close to yours, and the figure helps you up, "Nathan?" You ask as you back up. "Who else would I be," he said playfully as he moved forward to you, his eyes now a rose petal red. "Are you angry, I mean seriously what's up with your eyes, nothing to take offense of but I--" he cuts you off by putting his arms over you age leaning on the tree your leaning on. "You really want to know?" He asked. You nod, "It would make things much easier," you say. He looks at you with a face that is irresistible, "what if I weren't what you think I am, what if I could kill you in just one touch," he said in a voice so amazing. "I'd say try me," you say back in a voice he had his. He brushed your cheek with his hand which was much colder than ice.
  10. "What if I told you I were," he said teasingly. "I'd say you're lying, you're too kind," you say. "What would you say if I said I were a vampire," he said gazing into your eyes, "I'd say there's nothing wrong with that," you say back. You both get closer and you feel his cold breath against your lips as he moves closer then-------CLIFFHANGER sorry :P comment if you want :) see ya in part 4

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