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hey this is part 2 of my new series in the dark. ill probably include pics of the guys in the next part,if not then part 4-5,but you will find out what they look like. IMPORTANT I MUST GIVE CREDIT FOR NAMES!! EVE,KIRA,AND PETER. THANKS TO OMEGAWOLF9,LUCKYFIREFLY, AND RAVE098. HONORABLE MENTIONS TO MEEP DA FIRST AND WOLF HEART. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!

also please comment. i want comments please. they are what keep me going literally. if u comment ill love you forever. no joke,i will. im not kidding at all.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. hello this is obviously part two, if you get confused or anything refer back to part 1 for a recap. the picture is what i imagine elena looks like in this,but feel free to picture something else... pictures of all the guys coming soon so stay tuned. share with your friends i want as many people as possible reading this series. :)
  2. so you and chase head inside and the maids and butlers attend to you. chase's stomach growls. "oh , you must be hungry?" you say to him. then your stomach growls too. you break out laughing "guess you are too." chase says with a wink. 'hey, can we get some pizza?" you ask one of the maids. "yes,sure, what kind?" she replies eagerly. "cheese and....what would you like." you ask chase. "ill have cheese too with black olives." he says shyly,which surprises you. 'okay,ill go get some now,where should i bring the pizza too" the maid asks. 'uh, i guess my room, we can eat in there and catch up on some things.' you say glancng at chase. "ok then miss, ill have the pizza soon.' she says hurrying off . you sigh deeply, " i really dont like having people do everything for me, i think i can order food and stuff by myself...' you mutter. "but anyway, this way chase.' you say leading him to your assigned room. which is a tad bigger then a suite since it has a sitting area and etc.
  3. "damn." he says looking around. 'this place is like frozen in time." he says. 'what do you mean?" you ask him questioningly. "oh, just that it looks exactly like it did when we were younger." he said clearly. "i guess.' you say noticing the overall look of the room seemed the same. but how did he remember so vividly. "i have very good memory." he said quickly answering my thoughts again.
  4. you sit down cross legged on the sofa and he sits across from you. " a lot has changed since you left,elena.' chase spoke. 'well it HAS been a while, so things are certain to change in time.' you remark. "maybe, but its been pretty freaking lonely around here without a fellow rebel. im really happy you're back here elena." he said with a bit of sadness in his eyes. "im happy to be back. especially since at least things here have stayed the same." you say sighing. "whats been troubling you?' says chase abruptly cutting off your thoughts. you told him about everything that had gone on at your school. and ended with how your boyfriend dumped you without a thought. ' that...' well chase was about to swear but you cut him off "people can be complete and utter heartless creatures,but some of them are extremely kind.' you say implying chase. you two talked for quite a while until a knock was at the door.
  5. 'miss,the pizza is here.' the maid comes in bringing what you ordered. "thank you...." you said at a loss for what her name was. "belle.' she quickly answered then snuck away into the hallway without another word. the smell was appetizing. you each grabbed some pizza and chatted about a wide range of topics. 'so you starting at the local high school?" asked chase. 'uh,yeah. my dad offered to pay for private school,but i cant stand dress codes." you reply. 'i can see that. ha ha.' says chase. you had on a crop top and some rather short shorts. 'yeah.' you saying blushing a bit.
  6. you finish the pizza and its really late. chase makes a surprising request. "hey if it isnt too much of a bother,can i maybe stay here?" he asks pleadingly. your eyes widen in shock. "here as in my room, or as in this house?" you ask him. 'err...welll both?" he says. then tells you about recent events. it was like a big tragedy so you felt bad and said "okay fine. but you better be a gentlemen.'he smiles 'really? thanks so much elena. and was there ever a doubt of how much of a gentleman i am?" he says 'its definitely debatable." you reply with a smile and get ready. theres two beds so you take one and chase takes the other.
  7. 'goodnight." chase says in a sleepy voice. "good night chase," you reply. it was rather a comforting thought to have your childhood friend near you. so you drifted to sleep. you had a dream. *your dream* you heard a voice saying "welcome back, now you have to choose. who do you love/ who do you not? will you care what happens to the whole lot? my words are simple but true. pick one or it will come back to haunt you. heed my warning and heed it well. listen not to lies they tell. the one who seems nearest to you may not mean well. if your heart cannot decide at the prophesized time. a scary fate awaits for you for your crime." the voice stopped. you say several figures, one was chase. choose? you had to choose who you loved? the one nearest to me may not mean well? chase. oh no. you heard someone calling your name. over and over. you felt someone shake you,but you couldnt open your eyes. the voice came back 'contemplating it all i see,fear nobody but me. your fate will be sealed in time, you will pay for your crime."the voice said. 'whats my crime?" you ask the voice. "everything will be revealed." the voice said and then gave an eerie laugh. "WAKE UP!!!!!! " the voice said with its eerie laugh. "YOU ARE RESISTING!??? THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. WHAT? IT SEEMS WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!!" the voice said screaming. chase appeared. he muttered some words in a foreign tongue, and the voice evaporated "NO!!!!!!" the voice screamed then slowly died away. what was chase doing in your dream? *end of dream*
  8. you opened your eyes, it was morning. and chase was shaking you to wake you up. he noticed you were awake. "thank goodness you are okay!" he said. "ughh, what happened." you asked clutching your head. " a demon distrupted your vision. dont worry he wont be back for millenia." said chase. you hugged him tightly. "wait, a vision?" you asked. "yes, you have those. i read minds. you have visions and our other powers appear later." chase said squeezing me tighter. "we arent normal?" you ask already sensing the answer. "no, and that demon wanted to disrupt your vision,distort the truth. of course you will be faced with a choice but not how he described it." chase said. you breathed sigh of relief. 'he mentioned something about my crimes though?" you questioned. 'we are different then normal humans,enhanced beings if you will. it isnt always hereditary but it usually occurs if youve had a vampire in your near bloodline. and well we are stronger then demon so they think we have comitted crimes by supressing them." chase explains. "v-vampire?" you said scared. 'we are in fact vampires. but we dont fear sun and dont suck blood. we have evolved and you elena happen to be the strongest in over 10 centuries. " said chase. "oh my god. was my mom, is my dad?" you ask. and chase nods "they are both strong vampires. so are we." chase answers.
  9. you shake your head. this is definitely weird. you start school tomorrow,knowing you are a vampire. that makes it even harder. "dont worry ill be there with you." chase says. "are you gonna keep reading my mind?" you say sighing. "maybeee." chase replies suspiciously and with a wink. anyway the day goes by pretty fast you talk a bunch and go to sleep and you dont have a demon enter your dreams that night.
  10. You wake up and stretch a bit, you check your clock, its 5 30 a.m. "holy sh**." You whisper under your breath. Well school does start early but not that early. You sleep a little longer. "elena! Rise and shine!" Says chase. You get up, change into a red tie in the front top and some tight black short shorts. You comb your hair, apply a bit of makeup (not a lot, just like lipgloss and stuff) you turn around and chase had just walked in. "oh thats right." You say remembering chase didnt have any of his stuff. You let him borrow some of your guy cousins clothes which were up to par in fashion and also werent used anymore, your cousin no longer lived there. Chase actually looked kinda cute even in jeans and a tshirt. Chase giggled a bit "i can read your mind still." He says mid laugh. You turn a bright shade of red. "you look cute too." He says,his face kinda serious. Does he mean it ?, you think to yourself. "yes, i mean it." He says reading your mind again. "okay you gotta teach me how to read minds, seriously. I wanna know!" You say with a smile. "maybee, i could teach you after school." He says. "sounds good." You say with an idiotic smile on your face. "its a dat--" chase starts saying but is cut off by one of the butlers directing you both to the car. "i wanna drive." You say to the butler. "very well are your car selections." There are over a dozen cars to choose from. You walk over to a slick black lamborghini. "cmon chase. " you say putting your bag in the back. "i know this sounds odd, but can i please drive." Chase says pleadingly. You finally give in "fine, but no scratches." You say seriously. You turn up the radio so its super loud and crack the windows down a bit. You glance over at chase. Who tells you "thank you."
  11. You just nod and smile. But think "why did he want to drive." Chase read your mind again. "well, one because this is a sick car and two because i wanted to drive you to school seems like something a boyfriend would do." He says calmly. "but we arent even dating." You say. "not yet." Chase states with a wink. Omg. Oh well guess it cant be helped.
  12. chase steps out of the car and opens the door for you,like a gentlemen. Everybody around the school is like staring at you two. you stand up and get out of the car. and get your books and chase's books out of the car. then you head to the office,because after all you are a new student."chase,hey where have you been? you totally just ditched us the other day." says a rather high pitched girls voice. you hear more complaints. "yeah bro,why did you bail on us like that." says a guy. chase clears his throat...
  13. "kira,eve,peter. this is why." he says pointing to me and putting his arm around me. "lets get you introduced to my crew shall we?" says chase then continues. "this is kira rodriguez,shes impatient and agressive,but funny as hell." he says pointing at a medium length brown haired chick, with a tan and dark brown eyes and who was rather short. "hey." she says to you putting up her hand as if about to give a high five or maybe a slap!? but she puts her hand down quick. "shes also a mind reader." chase whispers to you."this is eve dewilde,shes calm and spaced out but shes supportive." he says pointing at a girl. with long blonde hair and light blue eyes. her eyes seemed clouded with mystery. chase had to tap her on the shoulder twice to get her attention. "yo.nice to meet you." she says in a soft voice. "she's shy at first,but don't worry she'll be her normal self soon." chase whispers too you. 'and lastly,my man,peter clarks, this guy is really strong like really." chase says. peter has blonde hair and blue eyes and seems rather cold to approach. "he has dream visions like you do." says chase. "so now that you've met my crew,we better head to the office and collect your schedule." chase continues. "oh yeah.' you say turning to go. peter reaches out and grabs your arm. "whats your name?"he asks you,with his signature cold expression. "elena." you say and then continue with chase.

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