In over my head: Part 5

Hey people! Phew finally got the time to add this on here -- honestly using my laptop is SO much easier. Used to take me like an hour or two to make stories on here.... now it takes about fifteen minutes XD

Anyways, so... just a quick heads up, this story has like twenty-six more parts so... it may be a little long, but trust me, in the end it'll be worth it. Okay, not really, but still.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. 'RightI should've known you were bad newsFrom the bad boy demeanor, and the tattoosSmall skies only want one thingThat I'm undecided, trying to figure out if that's youEither way though, I think you're worth a test drive'Cause the way is so much better than the next guyAnd a little trouble only makes for a good timeSo all the normal red flags be a good sign Don't you come here thinking about it, ain't that farYou seem like trouble to meI can tell by the way that you leanAnd the way that you kiss your teethAnd you turn up so flashy cleanSmells like trouble to meOpposites attract, I guess this is itGood girl bad guy, what a perfect matchAnd if I you, gonna wanna play baptized'Cause when you finish you gonna feel like you was baptizedSee baby…'
  2. The earbud in my ear was suddenly yanked out, my eyes slowly lifting up from my phone, to land on Max. I don't know why he puts up with me. Maybe because he's trying to convert me to Christianity, or maybe he feels bad for me, but either way? I guess it's not to bad, having somebody to hang around with. At least, that's what I was beginning to think, but I couldn't be sure. He'd been getting onto me for wanting to participate in Halloween, saying it was this big bad demonic holiday, but I wasn't going to listen to his s---. I mean, one little trick or treating event wouldn't kill me. " Would you quit doing that?" I frowned, talking about the way he was always yanking the earbud from my ear. It was really kind of getting on my nerves, the way he just thought he could stop me from listening to my tunes.
  3. Felicity, I've been calling your name for the past two minutes, I was asking if you decided if you'd just skip the trick or treating thing." he shrugged. " No, I want to go. You should too. It'd be fun and s-----" " But I already told you it's a demonic holiday full of satanic worshipers and--" he began, making me frown.
  4. " Come on! You said you wanted to make the best of this month, so let's do that! Besides, i doubt that the people out there are going to be ax murderers waiting to kill us if we don't sell our souls to the devil. So, please?" I asked, twisting a strand of my black hair around my slender finger as he cocked his head to the side. " Felicity--" " Please, Max? I don't ask for much from you. Just this once. I'll never ask again. I swear, this'll be it." I begged.
  5. *** Max's POV *** It killed me how she wanted me there so badly. It was like i was slowly changing this bad rebellious girl, but she was putting up a fight the entire way... and the worst part? She thought there'd be a next time. I couldn't just tell her no. I couldn't. Because she's been there for me since the beginning of October, and it was already settling into the second week of the month, meaning I had around two weeks and three days to spend with her, and I couldn't NOT go.
  6. " Fine, Felicity. Just this once." I sighed, raising my hands in mock defeat. Her face suddenly lit up like a candle, eyes overjoyed and her lips pulled up extremely high as she smiled. " Max, I.. uhm... thanks, I guess." she whispered awkwardly, ducking her head as she began to stare downwards at her black laced boots, the boots I'd grown to know just by sound.
  7. " No problem. So.." " So, what are you going to dress up as then? I usually just do something simple like a zombie cheerleader or a goth... but..." " Felicity, I don't know," I laughed at her sudden chattiness, trying to figure out one of the many reasons why she was the way she was. " you pick for me." " Ha. Don't be a brat about it or i'll just get a simple sheet and throw it over your head and i'll call you a ghost."
  8. A ghost. The word hit me like a stone as she said it with little sympathy, joking around of course, but it still caught me off guard.I was going to die by the end of October.Was that all i'd be to her? Just a 'ghost'?Or would she remember me as more? A friend? How would she react?
  9. *** Felicity's POV *** As soon as I said the word 'ghost' his face went sickly pale and his hazel eyes were speckled in fear and disgust. " Don't tell me you don't believe in ghosts. You don't, do you?" i asked, placing a hand on my hip as I tucked my phone into my hoodie pocket. " Spirits. Not ghosts. If it can't be scientifically proven, I won't beli--" " I've seen many a ghost hunting show, don't tell me those don't count. I mean, there's tons of proof, you just have to open your eye's Max!" I exclaimed." Felicity, I... I can't do that. I have to tell you something soon, but you need to swear, that when I tell you, you won't hate me." " What? Don't tell me you did some stupid s---, or i swear on Abraham Lincoln's grave i'm going to walk out of here right now and--" " It's nothing like that Felicity. It's about me. Something I need to tell you soon, but not yet."I tilted my head to the side in confusion.Why couldn't he tell me yet?'Maybe he's gay and doesn't want to really tell me yet,' I shrugged to myself, not really believing that for a second."Fine, but tell me soon, kay?" " Of course. I'll tell you when it feels right." he promised.
  10. *** Max's POV *** Felicity gave a stiff smile, rubbing her arms awkwardly as we sat side by side on her front porch, our thighs loosely touching, but it wasn't obvious enough for her to see or for me to care about. I mean, we're friends, after all... and she's all I've got for now. My family doesn't want to feel the burden of losing me, my friends are all scared to be seen with the 'dying guy', and my last girlfriend? She dumped me for some quarter back on the account of the fact that she didn't want to feel the pain of losing me.
  11. I got that. I did.But Felicity?If I were to lose her... it'd kill me. No pun intended, of course." Oh! I got it!" she exclaimed loudly, scaring me half to death, again, no pun intended." Got what?" " An idea. Okay, so, you know how I said I always go as something gothic?" she asked. I gave a slow nod, almost scared to hear what she'd come up with. " Well, what if I went as Harley Quinn this year instead? Or maybe Melanie Martinez?" she asked.
  12. Of course. She'd pick something odd. " Why not just something else... like... i don't know... an angel? Or something?" hoping she'd leap at the idea. " Why an angel? You already know I look nothing like one... i'd have to dye my hair and stuff. Besides, that leaves you out..." she frowned. " You do too. When I first met you... I swear, I thought you were an angel." I admitted slowly, my cheeks flushing as she let out a cackle that could scare the devil himself." Oh my gosh! What the hell!? Me!? An angel!? Ha, you must have been on drugs or something, because--" "I'm not kidding. I REALLY thought God sent me an angel." I slowly lowered my head in shame, her eyes softening a bit as she awkwardly rested a hand on my shoulder. " I wasn't laughing because that sounded stupid or anything... it's just... me as an angel is sort of.... odd sounding." she explained." No it's not. You aren't as bad as you like to pretend. I can see the good in you." I smiled up at her, making her eyebrows scrunch up curiously.
  13. " You think you could tell my uncle that, then?" " This is your uncles place?" I asked, her head vigorously nodding up and down. " Yeah. I stay here with him and his two kids." she explained with little interest, as if this whole thing bored her. " Oh. Well, at least he cares enough to--" " He doesn't give a s--- about me. Nobody does, Max. But I don't care, because I don't give a s--- about any of them." " I care about you, Felicity. You're entertaining and nice, and even if you are stubborn, you're still a good person... and you're my only friend right now who's sticking with me."
  14. *** Felicity's POV *** 'Why wouldn't his friends stick with him?' ' He's not like me, not rebellious and b----y. He's good. So why didn't he have any other friends?'" Why don't they--" " I'll tell you later, okay?" he sighed, beginning to sound more closed off. And all I could do was nod, because, honestly, it isn't any of my business.So... then why do I care?

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