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  • Your Result: Bengal Tiger 74%

    You would be a powerful Bengal Tiger living in a beautiful tropical rain forest. You would prefer to keep to yourself, because tigers are solitary creatures. You would have golden brown fur with black stripes and yellow eyes and sharp claws. Your greatest skill would be your strength, and you'd be a very fierce fighter, and would defend your territory from any intruding enemies. Other tigers would fear you.

    49% Tabby Cat
    41% Red Fox
    35% Mustang Horse
    32% Gray Wolf
    24% African Wild Dog
    7% Peacock
    5% Golden Retriever
    0% White Rabbit
    0% Release Dove
    thats ok

  • It makes sense though, Weirdo_Outcast. The Bengal tiger does tend to keep to himself and is one of the strongest creatures of the forest. If you think of yourself of a weirdo slash outcast I mean it makes perfect sense.

    I liked mine I got a mustang horse, always the leader and watches over the rest of the herd.

    Love this quiz! Accurate and interesting!


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