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  • Griffin.

    IvystarGecko Apr 15 '16, 11:07PM
  • A Dragon.
    A big-ass dragon.

    Moi Nov 16 '15, 8:24PM
  • Your patronus is a Goblin! That means that you're crafty, selfish, and headstrong. The Goblin is an extremely rare patronus. It is said that Salazar Slytherin's brother's patronus is a Goblin.

    Thats what i got i am rare

    natuhleegayle2 May 11 '15, 4:05PM
  • I have a griffen

    Yay exotic May 2 '15, 10:37PM
  • I got the "GRIFFIN!!!!!!!!!!! !"
    ...sorry 'bout that... I was overexcited... :/

    Marshmilla Feb 14 '15, 1:37PM
  • Yay! The spirit of Gryffindor.the "Griffin"

    Poppy 101 Nov 6 '14, 11:51PM
  • Good grief. A dragon...

    Aza Aug 21 '14, 11:57PM
  • awesome my patronus is a dragon :D

    AkemeWolf Jan 22 '13, 4:59PM
  • I got rabbit.I love rabbits, and yes, in the books the Eagle is the symbol for RavenClaw house.And Harry Potter is awesome and not scary, if you ask me.I used to be scared of the 3rd one, till I read the book and wasn't scared anymore.

    JeanetteMiller2 Sep 7 '12, 6:53PM
  • Eagle. Very cool, and quite accurate! Also, in the books (not the movies), the eagle is the symbol of Ravenclaw House. ^_^

    Kepler Sep 1 '12, 12:28PM
  • To Marilane: You seem to be very mistaken there. What exactly is wrong with enjoying books? Have you read the Harry Potter books? Do you know what they are about? They aren't that violent-I've read a lot worse, and I hate violence. I'm a pacifist. On the subject of films, apart from the most recent ones-though the final Deathly Hallows film most-they aren't that violent. We don't think it's real; though we'd love the good parts of that world to be real, we know that it isn't. We're allowed to have an imagination, though. It's a bit Dursley-ish to say otherwise. And yes, that is a word-it was used in Philosopher's Stone. :)
    I was a Dragon! :D Awesome! :)

    christinesangel Sep 13 '11, 1:46PM
  • I got eagle, but I'm not a fast runner. I think I want my patronus to be a wolf.

    TO MARILANE: We are not confusing fantasy with reality, we are just having fun and expressing our love for good books. Be happy that we love to read!!!

    Selena112 Dec 28 '10, 1:06PM
  • This is all gone too far!!!
    Lots of youth out there are confusing reality with fantasy in dangerous ungrounded ways. It's time that more on the making of Harry Potter should be available, perhaps at the end or beginning of this incredibly violent series of films!!! Light and lite, grounded and costructive films are the go now!! Enough of this escapism, mentally affecting or triggering mental issues in young sensitive people!! One can attain Light through Light!! There's enough darkness and violence in the world, films and on TV!! Billions are being made, but no responsibility taken for the effect it has on our youth and future generation!! Enough is enough, J. K. Rollings and movies production company.
    Mother's plea for commonsense.

    marilane Dec 1 '10, 9:17PM
  • Yes! I got Dragon! It matches me perfectly!

    liana May 30 '10, 7:45AM
  • Oooh! I got a Griffin. I don't know exactly what they look like though, but I'm everything my result was. :)

    Jennette291 Nov 28 '09, 4:28PM
  • i got eagle....but im most definitely NOT a fast runner. My english teacher gave me the idea that she thought her patronus would be a hedgehog. I like that idea...

    groovykat Aug 18 '09, 4:55PM
  • this quiz is awsome. that is me. i never expected to get this. is it okay if i have a hot temper though?

    Ansa89 Aug 14 '09, 9:17PM
  • I got Rabbit, and it sounds like me too.

    Alegna Aug 14 '09, 12:12PM
  • I always thought mine would be a hyena, but I got a Goblin. :3

    mewmaker142 Aug 10 '09, 10:10AM
  • heyyyy!!! cool quiz!
    woo i'm an eagle! :D is that good??

    mrcheese Apr 22 '08, 4:14PM
  • AWESOME QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!MINE IS AN EAGLE!!!!!!!!

    EvilGenius311 Apr 20 '08, 10:37PM
  • yup! my patronus is a Serpent!

    threedaysgrace08 Apr 20 '08, 6:24PM

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