If I didn't know any better... part 5

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Hi guys! **WARNING**this quiz is very upsetting, and if you are sensitive, it'd be best if you skip this part. Sorry if this upsets you, but, if it makes you feel any better, I cried too.

So, to lighten up the mood real quick.... I present to you...The duck song XD (Bum bum bum, ba-dum ba-dum)A duck walked up to a lemonade standAnd he said to the man, running the stand"Hey! (Bum bum bum) Got any grapes?"

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***Recap*** "I never knew you liked me. You're right though. I respect your decision and will always be here to support you." he sighed, giving me a small hug. Aaron quitely stared at him as he put his hand on my face and gave me a quick peck.
  2. I quickly pulled away from his lips, a little shocked by the fact that he'd kissed me right in front of his brother, my boyfriend. I turned to face Aaron, who looked like he was ready to explode in rage, but I gave him a warning look to stay calm. "Aaron, babe. Just keep calm, dude." I whispered into his ear, placing my fingertips against his cheek with a smile. "He just..." He huffed under his breath, Alec giving a pleased grin.
  3. ."Alec. If you ever do that again, I will.." Aaron huffed, Alec giving a daring look as he looped his arm around my shoulder with a wolfish grin. "You'll what? Hit me? Go for it." he laughed, pulling me into his lap excitedly. "Alec. Would you just leave me be? I'm sorry if I upset you for choosing to date Aaron, but you hurt me multiple times when you chose to date those Cheetos." I sighed, scooting back into my seat by Aaron. "I didn't know you liked me! Valentine, please just give me a chance." he pled. " No, Alec. I'm with Aaron, and even if I weren't, I don't want to be one of those girls that you stay with just for fun." I hissed, giving Aaron a quick peck on the cheek to show I was still loyal to him.
  4. "I would never do that to you. You're the only girl I've ever really liked. Don't you get that?" Alec asked, staring jealously at Aaron, who had his hand placed in my hair with a small grin. " Didn't you tell Jasmine that too? Oh, and what about Christina? Not to be Alicia. If I didn't know you, I'd probably fall for your stupid lines, but I know you too well. Sure, you have always been there for me, but I'm happy with what I got. So, bye Felicia." I grumbled, turning to face Aaron, who was on the verge of tears as he laughed loudly. "Val, you are so cute, you know that?" he laughed, putting his hand on my face with a chuckle. "Mhm. I'm a total doll." I giggled, making an overly innocent face.
  5. " Everyone settle down back there!" the bus driver bellowed, eyeing us from the mirror up front. I gave a small shrug, resting my head on Aaron's chest the entire ride to school, giving him a quick kiss before we entered the building. "If anyone even looks at you the wrong way, slap them. And then tell me, so I can slap them too. " he insisted. "Oh boy. And I thought being your best friend was a challenge." I teased, our fingers entwining as we walked into Mr Richardson's classroom with nervous laughs. " Hello, Valerie. Aaron." Mr Richardson greeted, his smile fading as he saw us hand in hand. "Hey." I murmured, gently digging my nails into Aaron's hand. " Ouch val!" he whined, releasing my hand so I could talk to Mr Richardson.
  6. " May I speak to you for a moment?" Mr Richardson asked, leading me out into the hall without waiting for my answer. "What is it?" I asked. " I see you don't even care about me enough to warn me your dating Aaron." he huffed, rubbing his temples in rage as he paced back and forth. "Gavin. I... Look, I'm really sorry, okay? I really liked you, I did. But I can't handle being your girlfriend. It'd just get us into trouble." I explained in a low whisper, hoping nobody was listening in on our conversation. "No, Valerie. I gave you my heart and you tossed it." he growled, pushing me up against a wall. " Gavin, stop. " I pled, his face inches from mine.
  7. Ignoring my pleading looks, he pressed his lips against mine, giving me a rough kiss that scared me to death. I quickly shoved him away, but he managed to pull me to the floor, putting his weight on my body to hold me down. " Gavin, stop." I panted, trying to squirm away as he leaned in to kiss me again. "Stop squirming. It's only going to make it look worse if we get caught." he chuckled, his lips crashing into mine. Panicking, I began to shove him as hard as possible, but he was right, it really did look wrong. "Just let me go, Gavin. Aaron's going to kill you if he sees this " I pled, trying to hold as still as possible as he gave me one last kiss. " Fine. I'll talk to you later." he grumbled, adjust his shirt with a smile before leaving me out in the hall.
  8. There I stood, out in the hall, completely dishevelled, my clothes completely trashed from laying down on the filthy floor. I gave a small sob, leaning my body against the wall and slowly sliding down to the floor in tears. Burying my head into my knees, I gave a small sniff as tears rolled down my cheeks. "Valerie? Are you okay?" a voice asked. I slowly looked up to see who it was. Ethan. "I'm fine, Ethan. Why aren't you in class?" I croaked, wiping my face with the sides of my hands. "I could ask you the same thing." he shrugged, taking a seat beside me. " Gavin... I mean, Mr Richardson, brought me out here and kissed me, even though I practically begged him not to." I explained, still in tears. " Is that why you look like you were just attacked by a group of thugs?" he asked, hoping to make me crack a smile. " Yeah. Why aren't you in class?" I repeated, watching him give a shrug. "I got in a fight with this guy." he mumbled.
  9. "You got into a fight? What for? Are you okay?" I asked, sitting up to study his face better. A small gash lined the corner of his left cheek and a small trail of blood oozed from his nose. " Yeah, I'm fine. This moron was talking bad about you, so when I tried to stop him, things got a little crazy. But don't worry, he won't be bothering you anytime soon." he chuckled grimly, sending a chill up my spine. "What was he saying about me?" I finally asked. "Uh. You'd rather not know. Just about what he'd do with you if he were Mr Richardson." he grumbled, the classroom door swinging open to reveal Aaron. "Val. Why are you out here with him?" he asked, saying him like it were a curse word.
  10. "Aaron, babe. Chill. I didn't want to go in there looking like this. Ethan was just checking on me." I explained, standing up and wrapping my arms around his waist with a tight smile. " What happened? Who touched you!?" he practically screamed, pulling me back a little so he could get a better look at me. "You need to stay calm, Aaron." I whispered, rubbing his jaw line with a frown. "Fine, fine. I'm calm. Now tell me who did it." he insisted. I quickly leapt back a few feet, standing near Ethan in case Aaron went crazy. "Gavin." I sighed, his face darkening. " He.... He did this? I'm gonna-" he huffed, my glare immediately cutting off his thoughts. "Chill, ninja boy. I don't need you going to jail, silly. " I chuckled, his anger melting away as he gave a nod.
  11. He carefully approached me with a wolfish grin, wiping a smudge of dirt from my face before turning to look at Ethan, who stood there awkwardly brushing his hair away from his face. "Um. Thanks for checking on her, I guess." Aaron muttered, Ethan giving a shrug. "No prob, man. Valerie, I'm going to go, I guess. Gotta clean up my bloody face, I guess." he chuckled, walking away with a grin. "That's Ethan, huh?" Aaron asked, watching him walk away with confidence. " Yeah. Don't worry, babe. He's actually not too bad when he isn't a pervert. He even got in a fight with some guy who was planning on kissing me." I shrugged, giving his cheek a quick kiss. " Val. Please promise no matter who does what to you, you'll be loyal to me." he pled, ignoring everything I had just told him.
  12. "Of course. Arron. Of course I'll stay loyal to you. I love you, dude. You don't have to worry about anything. No matter who trys to kiss me, just promise ME you won't leave me because of it. " I pled, giving him a small smile as he nodded vigorously. "I would never leave you. Even if you didn't like me anymore, I'd forever care for you. You're the only girl for me." he whispered, adjusting his glasses with a smile. "Aww. Too sweet Aaron. I should really go get cleaned up. I must look awful." I laughed. "You could never look awful." he sighed, giving my nose a small kiss before leaving me to go into the restroom.
  13. *** Later on that day *** The entire day, I'd had guys giving me flirty looks and small peck on the cheek, trying their best to annoy Aaron, but he didn't seem fazed. He'd pull me closer to him, his arms around my waist most of the day. I could tell he enjoyed having me in his arms, but I could also tell he was scared to lose me. Little did he know, I planned on staying with him for as long as possible. I liked him alot. And felt comfortable in his arms, the way the draped across me proudly.
  14. "Babe, where's the remote?" Aaron asked me groggily, sitting up on the couch with a yawn. "Hmm?" I muttered, sitting up to look around. "Found it." he chuckled, pulling it out from underneath me. "What time is it?" I yawned, giving a laugh as he squinted his eyes at the clock. "One in the morning." he gasped , sitting up in shock. " What?! We slept that long? It felt like we barely drifted off for half a second. Your brothers probably freaking out." I laughed, tossing him his shirt with a smile. "You're right. I guess I better get going. I'll pick you up tomorrow, okay? You are still supposed to work at that bar, right?" he asked, tugging his shoes on with a low grunt. "Yeah. I need the money." I insisted, his face darkening as he remembered how much it meant to me. "Of course. Be ready when I get here." he whispered, giving me a small kiss before leaving.
  15. Tiredly trudging upstairs, I pulled off my clothes, throwing on a black nightgown that laced up in the back and covered down to my hips. "Honey. You're still up?" mom asked as she walked into the room with a yawn. "Yeah, I was just about to go to sleep." I smiled, trying hard not to cry as I studied her tired face. Underneath her dull brown eyes sat heavy bags that glowed a deep purple, the skin around them pale and discolored. "Mom. You need to take off work tomorrow. I'll be working at this small cafe bar, but I should be home by dinner time." I pled, grabbing her hands, the skin stretched across like latex gloves. "But baby, we need the money." she whispered. "Mom. I'm going to take care of us. The job pays good, I swear. I'm getting payed twenty-two dollars an hour mom!" I squealed, her eyes going wide as she pulled me into a tight embrace, her thin bony arms wrapped around mine. "Baby! That's great!" she squealed, her warm breath tickling my neck as she gave a small sob.
  16. Her sobs got louder, her body shaking as she tried to stop, only making it worse. "Mom. Mom it's all going to be okay. Please don't cry." I pled, her big brown eyes looking deeply into mine, deep creases lining her forehead as she gave a sad look. "Sweetheart. I'm sick. Really sick." she whispered, cradling my face in her hands as she began to cough loudly. "What do you mean, mom? We can get you help, now. " I insisted, tears leaping to my eyes as she shook her head in disagreement."No. Sweetie... I have Leukemia. The... The other day, I wasn't feeling well. I went to the hospital and they diagnosed me with a rare type of leukemia." she explained through sobs, a surge of anger running through me as she spoke. " Shouldn't you be getting treatments?" I asked. "It's too late, sweet girl. I'm dying and it can't be stopped." she croaked, my body shaking as I gave a loud sob.
  17. "Mom. No, you can't die. We can get help. Please.. Please!" I sobbed bitterly, a stream of salty tears running down my face as she continued to dissapprove. It's too late. They've given me a week to live. Sweetie." she whispered into my hair, my body jerking up at the news. "But I need you mom! I need you still. You have to stay!" I cried, burying my head into her arms with a sob. "Baby. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I want you to stay away from me. Go to Aaron's until I'm gone. " she insisted, pushing me away from her and beginning to pack my bags.
  18. After an hour of consoling me, she called Aaron and explained I'd need to stay with his family for a while, and he agreed to come pick me up. Once he'd arrived, he gave me a worried frown, my bottom lip quivering as my mom hugged me for the last time. "Baby girl, I love you so much. Please take care of yourself and live an amazing life, my little angel." she whispered, my eyes filling with tears as I gave a small nod. " I will, mom. I promise." I croaked, pulling myself into Aaron's arms with a sob. He gently led me to his car, consoling me the entire way to his house, rubbing my shoulders and whispering reassuring things. But deep inside, I felt like giving up.
  19. *** The next morning***"Val, babe. I got a call. Your mom... I'm so sorry, baby." Aaron whispered into my ear, sending a jolt of pain into my heart, killing whatever happiness I used to have in the past. "No... No! Why me? Why me? She did this on purpose! She left me alone! I'm all alone!" I blubbered, tears running down my face, my head throbbing as I sprawled out on the floor. "Valerie Wilde. Your mother loved you with all of her heart. Blame that idiot dad of yours, not her." his mom said, running my shoulder with a small sob. "I hate him. " I growled, knowing better than to place the blame on him, but doing it anyways.
  20. "Valentine. I'm sorry." Alec sighed, giving my face a small peck that made me feel motivated to do anything and everything. " I need to go. I made a promise to my mom, and I'm going to keep it." I insisted, pulling myself to my feet.
  21. *** CLIFFHANGER *** Sorry! It's really late though, so.

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