Death's Everlasting Love (Part 2)

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Hi! Part two is here! Hope you enjoy it! Yeah comment and rate please. It helps me a lot! Tell me what you think of it so far! Yeah so thats all I got.

"We will see her right?" Snow said. "We'll see her convinced me of that so stay strong..." Light said punching Snow's back. A tear ran down her cheek.....

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "Hahaha!" I faked laugh. "I don't think so." I said to Luke. He looked at me and gave me a hard flirty stare. I looked at him and showed no emotion. "Bye" I said walking away. The next day I got up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, deoterent and I stood in my room with the towls around me. I looked at my two outfits on my blue bed. I looked at my black mini skirt with blue boots, white leggings, and a blue school girl shirt with a yellow tie. I looked to the one next to it. It was a pair of black skinnny jeans, a pink tank top, orange scarf to cover the spegati straps and a orange flower with two feathers sticking out.
  2. I choose the pink tank top putfit and I curl my long _____ hair. I put on the flower on the side of my head and put on my make-up. I grabbed my bag and walked outside to accompanied by Liz. She was wearing flare jeans, a T-shirt that had a native American on a white horse with feathers in it's mane surrounded by a pack of grey wolves. Liz put her long silky ashy brown hair in a poney tail. She wasn't wearing make-up and she was still cute with her freckles and such. She had white blue niki shoes and her book bag at her side.
  3. "Hey Liz" I said. "Hi ____." She said. "Ready for the school day?" I asked her. "Yup" She said. *At school. First period* I sat in my double seat next to Luke. He had a black T-shirt and some dark blue jeans with some sneakers. He gave me a little smile. I looked him with a *Really?* Look. He seemed to be laughing inside of himself. We were in the middle of class and Mr.Bungle anounced "Okay get started on your packet. If you don't finish it then it's homework." I got started on it right away. I felt a cold yet warm arm wrapped around my back. It was soothing and comfortable yet dangerous and deadly. I looked at Luke and I took his arm off of me. "I'm sorry but can I help you with something?" I asked him. "Nothing" He said. He looked at his packet and acted like nothing happened. *Whats up with this guy?* I thought. I finished the packet and took notes from the book. 20 minnutes till next period. 20 minnustes stuck with this guy. Then at the last minnute Mr.Bungle anounced "We'll be doing a project today on the adaptations, behavior, feeding chain of the artic wolf. Not the grey, The artic. I want a full project on it by this Friday. 500 word or more essay about it, and a model on it's body systems, like dygestive proccess and etc. Class dismissed." Everyone left egar to leave the class. I felt excited. The artic wolf. I just loved wolves and respected their stratgy, strength and trust. They were magnificant creatures that God created. In fact every creat is amazing. People just don't take the time to full understand their unusual behavior and why they would attack. Like the great white shark, lion, polor bear and so many more. (So true on how I believe. But thats just me.) I went through the school periods like a breeze until lunch.
  4. I sat with Liz alone at lunch. I bit into my homemade black pepper sandwhich. Liz ate a salad with no ranch. "So hows your day so far?" I asked her. "Long and fustrating...." Liz said. She was about to say something else but she looked at me. No wait not at me behind me. I looked behind me and saw Luke. "Hey ____. Hi Elizabeth" He said kindly to me but gave Liz a glare. Liz face was emotionless. "What do you want Luke?" I asked. "I talked with Mr.Bungle after class to find out more about the assignment this Friday and found out that we could work in partners. I was wondering if you could be my partner." He said kindly to me.
  5. *Liz point of view* "Really again!?" I thought. I had my hands under the table and on my lap. They boild up into fist. I gritted my teeth. "Calm yourself down Elizabeth. I'm not suppose to get to emotional in situations like this. Its not how my kind are." I thought to myself. I took a silent breath. I looked at Luke and it started to swell up again. "Why does he always does this? I'm doing my job then he comes and....Calm down.....we don't know what he wants this time.....Stupid! Its _____. He always go after a girl that I'm working with.....and in the end they....." I thought. Fist came up again. I took another silent breath. "Just think of this beautiful world...." I thought.
  6. *Back to your POV* I looked at Liz. She showed no emotion. I sighed "Fine..." Luke out his hands on my shoulder and whispered in my ear "Its a date then flower..." He walked past Liz. He looked at her in the corner of his eye and continued walking. Once he was gone Liz looked at me *Please tell me that you didn't* look. "Liz I did okay. You can be so dramatic." I said. She looked at me and said "I don't trust him okay? Thy should listen to the wisdom of others." I sighed and said "Look I don't like him or anything. Heck I'm annoyed by him. He's all flirty with me then a total jerk. So he's probably gona have me do all the work and he'll get an A plus in Biology." I said. She looked down and took in a deep hard breath. "Its what he does..." She whispered slitly. "Wait what?" I asked her. "I gotta go ___." She said and left.
  7. After school I didn't see Liz in the fine arts area. I looked for her but she was no where to be seen. I then bumped into Luke. He wrapped his arm around me and said "Come on to my place to start the project." "Wait I still need to do band." I protested trying to get free from his grasp. But his was super strong that I could barely breath. "Forget band come on." He said taking me with im. No for an answer would not let me go. He drove me to his house. It was a big mansion that had a pool and a garage that could hold 5 cars. It was a hispanic theme. It was a ligh orange with wolves and scorpions statues. Even a cocopelly was there. Rocks replaced the grass and a little moze art was on the wall. It showed a woman danceing in a yellow dress with a man. I heard a beautiful waterfall like water fountain. (Imagine the most beautiful little hispanic mansion with statues of animals and angels everywhere.) Luke opened the door and the inside was breath taking. It was rocky walls that were a sadona red color, a fire place, big nice orange, blue and yellow themed living room, a nice medium kitchen with white floor tiles, and spiraling stairs leading to the top. The dinning room was big with a oak wooden table . There was a candle in the middle and beautiful pictures of angels (Like Michael, Raphyle, Gaberial etc:) They were all beautiful. "Wow..." I said. Luke smiled and said "Welcome to my temperary home." "Where are your parents?" I asked. "Not here they are at work." He said. "Whats their jobs?" I asked. "Well I just have a father....." He said. I looked at him a sad expression. "But I have a great Father though....great teacher." Luke said. He smiled. "Okay lets get started. We worked on the essay and finished it quickly. It was super easy. At least for me and him. Biology was my best subject. Once we were done I decided to start the model on the artic wolf tomarrow. "Well I better get going." I said. He looked at the clock. "It's not even past 8 p.m." He said. "My dad will get made if I'm not home." I said. "Okay well see you tomarrow." He said. I left and walked to my house and woke up the next day.
  8. The next day went like a breeze. I walked home alone and heard arging. I looked past a wall and saw Liz. She looked upset. Luke looked at her with a little *I'm more powerful then you look* "Look, I don't want you to hurt ____." Liz said. "I wont hurt her." Luke said. "Thats what you said the last time. And the time before that and the time before that." Liz stated. "I mean her no harm. Also you can't order me around. I'm superior to you." Luke said. "Not now. Your on probation because of what happened with the twin towers. He wants us to take it a little easy on-" Liz was saying but said "I'll do what I want and you do whatever." Luke turned and Liz ran in front of him and blocked his path. "I want you to promise me that you wont even lay one of your fingers on her." Liz said. Luke looked at her and said "Okay....." Then he left. She looked at his back as he walked away. "He better not do anything."
  9. I worked with Luke for the past days and found out more about him. He seemed to be a pretty cool guy. But he's still a jerk. On Thursday night we just finished the model of the artic wolf. I put my hands on my hips and looked at it. "We did good." I said. "We sure did." He said. He came from behind me and our bodies touched. I felt his arms wrap around me. I turned to face him and he kissed me passionatly. I push him away and said "What are you doing?" He looked at me and smiled and said "Wanted to try a little experiment." I looked at him up and down. "Just cause we worked together on this assignment doesn't mean I'm all over you in love and all that lovy dovey stuff okay?" I said crossing my arms. He smiled and looked me up and down. "Little miss fistey arn't we?" He said flirtingly. I rolled my eyes. He was so annoying. "Ha ha." I said sacastically. "Don't act like you don't like it?" He said. "Like what!?" I said. He chuckled "A challenge." "All I want is you off of me." I said to him. "Nice try cupcake..." He said patting my shoulder. "Cupcake?" I said with a *when was I when you decided this name for me* look. "Oh heck no. Your not calling me cupcake-" I was saying then he said bending down to look at my eyes leveled. "How about sugar babe?" He said playfully. I got even more annoyed. He pinched my nose and chuckled.
  10. I then picked my bags up and said "I'm leaving. Make sure to bring the stuff tomarrow okay?" He looked at me as I left. "No promises..." He said in a whisper. I closed the door and sighed "That boy is so.....ah..." The next day I walked into biology and saw Luke. But not our project. I walked up to him and said "Where is it?" "Where is what?" He asked. "The project?" I said. "Oh that....sorry left it at my house..." He said stretching his arms. "WHAT?" I said in a whisper. I didn't want to cause a scene. "I got busy okay chill down." He said.
  11. Thats the end of part 2! Hope you enjoyed it! Comment and rate please! Thanks!

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