I Will Always Love You (Soap Opera Story) Part 1

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Cat is heart broken again. But this time is final... or is it? Alex cheated on her again. But he swears that its the last time he'll do it... or is it?

BIG BIG BIG thanks to Phoenix Night and BTRfreak for helping me write I Will Always Love You part 1. I hope that you all have a merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Created by: I Forgot My Name

  1. I walked into school. Just a few moments ago me and Alex were an item. Hot tears rolled down my rosey cheeks as I opened my locker. Coming over, Ella said, "What's up Cat?" I sighed and tried to hide my emotion. "Ermm... Just getting my book for Math." My voice shaked. I just then realized that Science is my next class. "Spill it. I can tell when your lying." Ella took a few books out of her locker. "Me and Alex is... over. He cheated on me... again." I sighed as more tears escaped.
  2. Suddenly, Alex walks up and hugs me. I dropped mouth in shock. What the hell is he thinking? He cheats on me, and thinks a hug will patch it all up?, I say bitterly in my head. Ella looked at Alex horrified, and I chased over to Alex and looked more pissed then ever. "What's wrong Cat? I know you want me back, don't you?" Alex replied, smirking. "You just think that a hug will make it all better? You broke my f---ing heart, and a hug can patch it all up? Oh hell no, this is the last f---ing straw. I gave you everything you wanted, and you just go and cheat on me again with another tramp. I made myself trust you again. I tried everything I could to make myself believe you. But now its over the f---ing line. f--- you and that little tramp. I've had enough." I noticed that I was crying. I ran out to the bathroom and slammed the stall I entered.
  3. "What the hell!" Ella said to Alex. Alex hit his head against his locker as Ella stared at Alex. "What?!" Alex replied, irritated. "Look, maybe....you shouldn't have hugged her." Ella said, coming over to him. Ella gave Alex a quick kiss on a cheek and walked to class.
  4. "What the hell!" Ella said to Alex. Alex hit his head against his locker as Ella stared at Alex. "What?!" Alex replied, irritated. "Look, maybe....you shouldn't have hugged her." Ella said, coming over to him. Ella gave Alex a quick kiss on a cheek and walked to class.
  5. I saw Ella and Alex together before I ran into the bathroom. Why would they be together, I asked myself. I shook it off and went into class. I sat by Ella and pretended like I didn't see anything. "He cheated on you. With who?" Ella asked, looking worried as if she was trying to hide something. "I don't know..." I sighed. Before I could ask any more questions, Alex ran up and jumped on top of the teacher's desk and shouted, "THE GIRL I WAS CHEATING WITH CAT WAS ELLA!" He ran out of the room as soon as he finished the sentence.
  6. I stared in shock as Alex walked out of the room. I felt tears in my eyes. "How... could... you.... YOUR SUCH A b----." I jumped out of my desk and ran out of the room as well. I met up with Alex, and slapped him in the face, and made a stop in the bathroom... again. I cried as I thought why she would do that to me. She is my best friend... or was, I told myself. We'd been best friends ever since 1st grade... She knew that I loved Alex... Is this just a dream? I pinched myself as I stared at the ground. Nope. This is reality.
  7. "Why'd you do that Alex." Ella said to Alex at the end of the day. "I don't know.." He replied, looking confused. "Sure you don't. You're just a really forgetful mother f***er" Ella replied, tears forming. She ran as fast as she could down the road to her house. "Wow." Alex said as he looked down at the ground and walked home slowly. I ran home filled with sadness. I ran into my house and slammed my door. I locked it and laid on my bed, crying. Alex suddenly couldn't control himself anymore when he knocked on Cat's door.
  8. I heard a knock on the front door, and unlocked my door and ran to the front door. I opened it, and standed in shock as I saw the person standing in the frame. "What do you want?" I replied with cold eyes. "Cat I don't know what's happening to me, all I wanted to say I'm really sorry but it's ok if you don't forgive me." Alex said kissing her on the lips. He suddenly walks away. "Alex... WAIT!" I tried to run after him.
  9. "Yes?", Alex looked back, slowly stopping. "I..... I......" I looked down as I stuttered. I finally got the courage and looked up and met Alex's eyes. "I still love you." "I love you to." Alex said kissing me on the lips again. We stood there kissing for what felt like forever.
  10. I soon remembered that I left my door open. "Uhmm... Alex... I need to go close my door..." I blushed as I stopped kissing him. "Okay." He replied. I ran as fast as I could to close my door. I checked to see if any creeper was in there, and then shut the door. I ran back, hoping that Alex's still there. Suddenly, someone grabbed Alex.

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