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  • Oh, wow, DaughterofApollo gave some great guidance and singin234 gave some great advice, I don't really have too much to say! Being me, I'll probably find stuff to say, though, as I ramble on. Like singin said, we all are bad when we first start, so don't worry!

    Most important things in my mind:

    No text speak unless a character is actually texting

    Capitaliza tion and periods (misplacing commas is more forgiving)

    Spellin g (if you type it up on Microsoft Word or another word processing program, this is a lot less of a problem)

    A general story plot, like singin said, you just a basic line at the beginning

    Okay, so I'm horrible at titles, and I do agree with DOA that you should choose a general plot line first then a title. One way to start is to look for a word you like the sound of then play a title off of it (TRB's technique, and how she named "Teenage Chronicle" and we chose "Infusion"). To start plot ideas, dreams sometimes are a good way to start or if you've ever had one of those moments where you thought "I wish ______ (insert thought here) could happen" or any moment when your imagination went wild. For example, the other day, I freaked myself out because I was doing hw alone at night, and I kept hearing rustling sounds and imagining little imps were going to jump out and kidnap me and bring me to Hades like Persephone... I was being overdramatic, but that could've been a story if I didn't already have one to write XD

    I'll read your series when you come out with it, and I'll create a character once you start if you need one :) (I have mental blocks with creating characters when I don't know what purpose they're supposed to fill). Hope you go through with this; being a writer is surprisingly fun ^^

  • Okay, what I do is think of a plot for the story first. Then, I think of the tittle. Since you want to do a paranormal story, you could use a tittle "Nothing Special", "Breaking Free", "Nothing Normal", or "Running For Life".

    In "Nothing Special", you could have the main character know a bunch of people with paranormal stuff. And then she finds out that she also has powers. Or something like that.

    In "Breaking Free", you could have the main character be this quiet and shy type of girl. She doesn't like to talk much and avoids a lot of people. Then, she could discover these powers and start breaking out of her shell and starts talking to people more because she has more confidence. Or something like that.

    In "Nothing Normal", the main character could be just your average teenage girl. With friends and school and all that drama. And then, weird stuff start happening. She could be always feeling this odd chill, but just on a certain part of her. Or always get this bad feeling in her stomach like something's gonna happen every time she walks past a certain spot. You know, create mystery.

    In "Running For Life", you could have the main character come from an abusive home. She finds out about her powers, and takes that chance to run away. She could meet people on the way; other people who are like her and are running for fear of their lives because they're being hunted down.

    Now for characters:
    Name: Kat
    Gender: girl

    Looks: strawberry blonde hair, 5'5", one eye gold and one eye dark brown (representing the dark and light sides).

    Personality: it depends on which story she would be in.

    Name: Hallie
    Gender: girl

    Looks: curly black hair, 5'4", and purple eyes.

    Personality: depends on the story.
    (I'll make a guy too)
    Name: Shadow
    Gender: guy

    Looks: short black hair, 5'9", deep blueish-greenish eyes.

  • Okay first off everyone sucks when they first start. It should have good spelling and grammar. That's is important, some people have horrible grammar so I don't really read it. It's okay to make little mistakes though, I do that all the time. You don't have to plan it all put at once, I make mine as I go along. You just need a basic line, it's good to do smoothing that hasn't been done. If you can find anything like that, I did and it gets people more into the story because they want to find out more. Don't have it really short, or pretty short. Because that sucks, you should get them long. But not too long, but I guess too long is okay but not for your first quiz. If you don't feel like you can post them, you can start off like I did. Writing on word or just making a fake user name and sending them on that. (without an account) I go under many names XD. I hope that helped a little bit

  • @DaughterOfApollo @sing234 @xxblutixx thank you ssssssooooo much for this! IOU 1 .*gives you all a big hug*

    @DaughterOf Apollo i think i'll use nothing normal i like the sound of it.thanks.

    And don't worry everybody, even though i'm bahamian and most of us dont speak properly ,i promise that i will make sure to use proper grammer.I am now of to google search some things and then start writing :). (i might post the first one at the end of the month. No promises though)

  • *Okay, I hope this helps :).

    Oh, and can you take my quiz called "Letters to myself.... (DaughterOfApollo)" ? It might help with some inspiration or something.


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