i wan't to start a quiz series

My mom want's me to do better in english she says that i should write practice storys to get better at doing them so i threw a mini tantrum (not really i was just complaning)

but i remember all the awesome authors on gtq and thought wth it's worth a shot and maybe someone will help me so i made this quiz for you to tell me what you think i should do

Created by: jjjcutie

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  1. i suck at writing and ny mom says need to get better so i thought i should start a quiz series but i don't think i want to embarress myself
  2. so as i said before i SUCK at writing so yeah don't kill me if the story stinks
  3. i am thinking about writing something with paranormal beings in it
  4. would you guys mind helping me out with something
  5. could you tell me wolud you think it should be named
  6. it might be a little too much to asked for but if you have the time you can create a character (i am sorry for my laziness)
  7. that's all i have to say so you can skip the last questions
  8. oday ouyay peaksay igpay atinlay
  9. kjkjgjusugsdhs
  10. i hate monday's
  11. are you going to help me

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