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  • Although it seems you're in a tight spot, I think the solutions are quite simple. You obviously love both Eric and Taylor, and both seem to like you back. What I suggest is that you maybe have a discussion with your parents about Taylor, it's always good to have an opinion heard. I would keep your relationship with Eric subtle, and I would take some deep thought into both males. Think about what you do for them and what they do for you. Which one makes you feel happier? If this is Eric then you still have Taylor as a good friend, and potential boyfriend after Eric if you so desire. If this guy is Taylor then I suggest you find a nice place to let him down gently. Try to grow closer towards Taylor, and make the first move. But if that does occur, do not rush into something like that. It only raises tensions and suspicions between them. Overall try to be honest, even if you cry, "flip out", etc. Usually people are worried about what the other will think, when they should just approach them with an open heart and mind.

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    Parents are actually very apt at telling someone's true nature, and they know their children better than anyone else, so it would be a good idea to have a calm discussion with them. Throw your feelings out there, and listen to what they have to say. Try to keep the whole thing calm.

    My final piece of advice is to take everything very slowly. Make sure that you don't make any rash decisions, and think through everything. If you break up with Eric and then realise you want him back, you'll out yourself in a very sticky situation.

    I hope this helps, a d I apologise for the two-part comment, the character limit is seriously annoying!


  • I shall try to help, but it might not do any good since I'm not very good at this:

    Well, you're in a pickle XD. If Eric is starting to irritate you, then you're probably starting to stop liking him. You have a crush on Taylor, which is why you like everything that he does and think that he's cool. People in relationships get crushes on other people all the time, so don't fret! You could try talking to Eric and tell him all of the things that he does that irritates you, and maybe you guys can work it out.

    As for breaking up with him without hurting him: that's impossible unless he really didn't like you. Breakups hurt a lot, and everyone goes through them. But you can just tell him how you feel and how it probably wouldn't have worked out anyways. However, I would give it a good two weeks to see if you still feel the same as you do right now, and then decide to break up with him.

    Hope this helps :). And don't worry about not having a boyfriend, I'm 16 too and I haven't had my first kiss and I've only had one boyfriend, which wasn't even a relationship because it was in 6th grade :P.

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    I'm going to be slightly controversial to what @DaughterOfApollo said with my first point - sorry!

    People in relationships bicker, shout and annoy the hell out of each other all the time. I know my parents do, and my friend and her long-term boyfriend spend more time arguing (usually over motorbikes) than anything else. But they still love each other. If Eric is irritating you, it could mean you don't like him so much, or it could mean that after spending lots of time with him, he doesn't seem so 'perfect'. It's normal.

    As those two have said, people get crushes on other people when in relationships all the time, so don't worry about that. At the end of the day, the only person that can decide what's right with regards to breaking up with Eric and the whole situation with Taylor is you. If you feel something for Eric, then my advice would be to persevere for a while, but be honest with him. If you don't feel anything for him, then there's no point stringing it along. It will make it more painful for both of you. You can still care for Eric (like a friend or something) even if you aren't in a relationship with him. My ex and I have been great friends since we broke up, and it's far less awkward. We still care for each other. Taylor will seem exciting, because he's different and new. That sounded totally barbaric, but it's the only way I can put it. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say!

    It is impossible to break up with someone and for it not to hurt. It happens all the time though, so it's not the end of the world. Just be completely honest with him if you do break up.

    As for your parents, that's their opinion. The only thing you can do to change that is to prove how much Taylor means to you, and to show them that you care for him. If they still don't come round, talk to them. As teenagers, we tend to think the world of ourselves.

  • Think carefully about all this advice people are giving you. Some are stupid, some are actually good (just by the looks of it). But the pont is. Does Taylor like you? Coz if you find yourself breaking up with Eric then finding Taylor just wants to be friends... Who knows, Eric might not take you back. If you really loved you he will let you go. If you throws a temper like a baby. Go to Taylor. The only way to find if Eric if the one is talk it out with him!

    Good luck, with u da best

    Crystal Star
  • I don't usually give advice, but i have no life, so here I am. I would say give Eric some time, talk to him about the problems you're having with him. If he really cares, he might make an effort, if not he's not worth it. Also, if you haven't, earn Taylor's trust and take it slow. As for your parents, if they don't like him keep them apart for now. If they know how much Taylor means to you, they should come around. Hope this helps.

  • Well i would show Eric this quiz you made and see what he says. I'm serious. Why do you even have to tell your parents about Taylor? It's not like he's your boyfriend, right?

  • Stay with eric, trust me, in the long run it'll turn out better. Im talking from expieience (I was in the sme situation but, in eric's shoes.


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