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  • Hello. :)

    Definitely talk to your parents about the matter first. And while respecting them, stand up to them as well. Tell them how long you two have been talking to each other, and how good of friends you are. Let them know that you can in fact be trusted. Texting behind their backs will only disprove that.

    Also be sure to tell your boyfriend about the issue as well. If he understands and still talks to you at school and doesn't treat you any differently, then I'd say he's worth keeping a relationship with. Maybe introduce him to them first, ask your parents if he could have dinner with you even. That would bring the four of you together closer, and they would understand him better and will let you then talk to him more through texting. As annoying as strict parents can be, they are only overprotective because they love you and don't want to see you get hurt especially at this young of an age.

  • First, tell him about your strict parents, then talk to your parents. Tell them you're grown up and mature and can handle it. Lying won't do any good and you shouldn't risk it? Also, delete any texts they wouldn't approve of. Good luck :)

  • Tell them you're old and mature, and that this guy is just a friend you made. Tell them you're responsible and he's just a friend, they should let you text a friend. Gender shouldn't matter. If they let you, and get curious, maybe delete any flirty texts? Hope I helped!

  • You should ask them why they are strict and overprotective and tell them how you really feel. Listen to thier views and reasons. It's okay if you disagree with what they say. Remember everyone is equal. Oh yeah tell the boy about your parents and whatnot. Hope everything works out!!!

  • Hey doll :)

    So, this is actually really cute. I think you should remain truthful and loyal to your parents. Don't text him no matter how much you love him or like him.

    Think about it this way
    boyfri END
    Fa mily
    All end except family loves you.

    Plus, if you don't agree, I think by not texting, you are gaining. It's kind of like a Romeo and Juliet situation. Forbidden lovers!!! But, at school, to can still talk and hand or be with each other. But, you have to learn without the texting. If you text, they will find out, you will lose your phone for eternity, and you may lose ur bf because he may feel he's losing u or something. If you need any more help, comment on one of my quizzes and ill get back to you soon!!! I check regularly. Thanks!

  • Tell him about your strict parents, and then say that you can try to talk to them about texting him. And then talk to your parents (try talking to the one you're closest to first) and say that you want a friend and this guy is nice.

  • Wow you're in a bind huh? I know its confusing and all that but, I'm almost in the same boat ^.^ I'm 15 and I'm not allowed to date until I'm 16 and I can't talk to any boys either...but I like this guy *blushes* if it were me, I would talk to him at school, if you text him behind your parents back, you might break their trust :( this is a really confusing situation, but I think you should talk to him at school and after a while get to know him better and better, and maybe your parents might go a little less strict on you :D this is my opinion...I hoped it helped at least a little :)

  • I think you should just tell them. Tell them you're ready and responsible and you won't be doing anything you're not supposed to. If you text him behind their backs and they found out, they wouldn't trust you anymore. Make sure when you tell them don't whine or yell, keep a calm and respectful tone and make sure you give good reasons. I think you're old enough to text boys, you are fourteen. I completely understand though, I have strict parents too. Good luck, hope I helped! :)


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