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I love you all and I miss you all like crazy. It's so crazy because I keep talking about you all. I remember when I didn't know TRB names and I just called her TRB all the time in front of my friends when I babbled her story. Also when I didn't know WTF_NINJA and xxblutixx by their real names, I used to call them by their usernames. It was weird and so funny.

I miss how all of our gotoquiz people would just randomly decide to post a quiz. It was so wonderful when HL and nat posted. Everyone used to go crazy and I remember when I kept hinting to HL that she needs for Oliver to propose. I even posted a picture on MSN of Oliver saying he needs to propose and everyone that I had as contacts were like "what the balls?" Haha...#goodtimes

Created by: Aria

  1. Read the description thingy. The two paragraphs kay? Okay, well I was on Quotev and I was crying. I posted up this "gιяℓ ƒяσм кяуρтση: *breathes calmly* *cries* I miss my buds so much. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am today. Without Gotoquiz, I wouldn't even know them. They were the people that changed my life. They were the people I can trust with anything and since summer, we've grown distant. I didn't want that to happen. I miss having the weird convos about stabbing Bellatrix or the one with marrying Oliver. I remember PuffBall acting all mad with me because I cancelled the wedding. I miss the s--- Maria and I talked with nat. Nat, I miss her so much from gotoquiz. She is my inspiration. She taught me so many things. She helped me write a song. She was there to cheer me up when no one else was. She welcomed me to GTQ with open arms and now, seeing that she's hardly on, barely on the site, makes me cry. She was like my big sister. Why has everyone given up on the site? And why has the site changed so much? It's just ridiculous. I want back the old Gotoquiz 4 minutes ago Delete · Comment · Like" See? I don't think anyone misses the old GTQ as much as I do.
  2. Well...what EXACTLY has Gotoquiz come to? People only make quizzes to level up here. Today, the people on the radio were talking about James Bond and I suddenly remembered James Bond. Anyone else remembered that awesome writer? He has so much talent. Is he still on here? IDK....He was so sweet to me. He made everyone around him smile. He always knew what to say at the right moment. Right now, I'm wondering if it's me that's the bad one. I haven't been on much. That's only because of those people in the forums always having a make out session. I'm not hating, I never hate. I'm not judging either. I'm stating what's been going on. I really want Gotoquiz to go back the way it was. I remembered publishing my first quiz. It was the most amazing feeling I ever had. I had butterflies and anxiety flooded through my body. natuhleegayle helped me published my first quiz. She was the one who inspired me to make my first quiz. She inspired many of us on Gotoquiz and I'd just like to add a shout out to her. I see her last post was two weeks ago. That's awesome that's she still on. I rarely talk to her because whenever I'm on twitter, she's not and when she's on twitter, I'm not. I dunno what to do or say...it's just making me more sad that GTQ has changed. Well, it hasn't but some people, most of them are just having LEVEL UP QUIZZES. >.<
  3. "Hey yall, Bookworm123 here. I know I'm banned, and I miss everybody SO MUUUCH!!!!! I'm sending tons of hugs, kisses, and prayers your way! Again, I MISS YOU!!!!! DFTBA!!!" Okay, it's in inverted commas because she said it. She really misses you all and I was emailing her, telling her how much I miss everyone. I remember, for everything, I would just make an announcement. Those were the really fun times. I remember Missy Prissy Cat's long wonderful comments. Gosh, she's so smart :) Ou, that reminds me, I have some dreams she might interpret for me. I also remember always refreshing the page waiting for HogwartsLove new quiz. GURL, I HAVE TO MARRY OLIVER. My friends are still freaked out cuz of how much I'm obsessed with him. They tell me that's rape. I just laugh at them. xD Okay, this is making me more emotional. Ou, I remember always commenting on 'The Life Between Magic &Boys.' That story was my other favourite story. When I used to read it and go to school the next day, I would be babbling about it to my friends and they would just be lost because they would think I'm talking bout real people until I get to the magic part. I miss that story. I also remembered waking up late, getting in trouble, just to read "Don't Leave Me Hanging" by xxblutixx. I love that story so much and I still do. Gah, I have no words to describe how much I miss the old Gotoquiz family. We were a bunch of crackheads, always standing up for each other, and laughing all day long. I love you :)
  4. I dunno why but all my Gotoquiz memories are coming back to me. I remember the first day I met TheRecklessBam. Like when, she actually responded to one of my commnents. I started to fangirl so hard, my mum looked at me weird. She didn't know I fangirled because I never told her XD LOL....She is such a role model to me but it's such a shame that we don't talk that much. I remembered when I called her and she told me she was nervous. It was so funny cuz I was nervous too. TRB and I are sisters, along with singin234. :) I remember the day you all prayed for me and my family. I will never forget what you guys did for me. And I am going to say this: I AM NEVER LEAVING GOTOQUIZ. For those haters, deal with it and for my beauties, I love you. I said it once and I said it again because it's true. You're my famILY. Wow, does anyone remember the time I used to comment "OLIVER" repeatedly? I'm going to start back doing that. Oh and I remember when my catchphrase was "just remember to eat pickles, green sour skittles and cucumbers." *sigh* Wish I could get back those days. Just wished I videotaped those memories. Haha, you're probably thinking I'm some cheesy piece of cracker but it's just so hurtful what I see Gotoquiz as today.
  5. Does anyone remember when natuhleegayle's quizzes ALWAYS used to go on "Today's Top Movers" ? Good times right? We should do that more often, if she starts back making story quizzes on here. I'm lost for words. All I can say is, Gotoquiz will always be in my heart no matter what. Omg, I remember Ambrosia. She was soo sweet. Not from the quiz, the user. Gah, where is she? I miss her so much. I miss all my Gotoquiz family a lot, guys and it kills me.
  6. I'm recalling some more memories. I remember the night before I had an exam, I would just be reading Hogwarts Love Story over and over again until I memorised it and not study. Bleh, studying wasn't my thing. Gotoquiz family has really shaped me into who I am today. Without you all, I can't see how I would have been. Maybe I would have been one of those b----es, who knows? I just know that I care for you guys more than anyone else in my school. Hm, aw crap. I remember sneaking in my room with my laptop just to get updates on quizzes. It was so much fun then, not knowing when my brother would see me on the laptop and quarrel with me. I just love you guys so much and I never want us to be distant.
  7. Just a shout out to the people I am missing. @PuffBall @TRB @natuhleegayle @Bookworm123 @5thMarauder @HogwartsLove @James Bond @AiFiahK3mE @pielover11 (sp?) @Firey_Soul @Dannica and a lot of others.
  8. The reason I didn't put @WTF_NINJA and @xxblutixx is because I speak to them a lot. I also miss @Ambrosia @musicspeakstome @mysteriousme @SimplyDawn
  9. And @Calypso1315 @Missy Prissy Cat @Ashl3y @BlueBird @GinnyGirl @DaughterOfApollo @singin234 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH :D
  10. Well, as my old catchphrase goes, just remember to eat pickles, green sour skittles and cucumbers :) x

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