Leave Aria Alone! [By Luke]

This quiz is for PerfectionIsME. Okayyyyyy Byeeeeee I mean HIIIIIIIII! Let's just get this over with, dontcha think? Trolololololololololololololololo

Oh wellllllllllllll............i Hate this thing, it's my first quiz ever and I really don't know what to put. Aria is freaking awesome, she's the best thing in the world and it's true.

Created by: Luke

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  1. Okay dokey. My name is Luke. I have joined Gotoquiz for two reasons. One being because my best friend, Aria told me what an amazing site it was and I was curious and the other being to make this quiz and show everyone that PerfectionIsME is an attention seeking freak.
  2. Yeah, now to PIM- The reasons you bash Aria are that she tried being nice to you and you were a total b---- to her and the guy you liked had a crush on her. Why are you so naive? It's not like Aria ever liked that guy. She never spoke to him but you were so ready to jump to conclusions. Anyway, you also don't like Aria because you told me yesterday that you like me and Aria is taking me away? WTF girl. You think I will like a person who bashes my best friend for no reason? HELL TO THE FRIGGING NO.
  3. Alright. Here this. You want attention? AN ENTIRE QUIZ is dedicated to you. You want me to like you? Keep wishing upon that wishing star. I am not saying I'm too good for you, I'm saying that you have no chance because you hate the best person in my life.
  4. PIM- I do not hate you or like you. I do not pity you or anything. I feel neutral to you. You're someone whose ass I have to kick, even if you're a girl and that's saying a lot because I respect girls.
  5. Okay well skip the rest
  6. ...
  7. hi
  8. LOLLL
  9. Skip...
  10. Adios!

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