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  • Oh my goodness. I was worried after not seeing you for so long! I can't believe it; it was just yesterday that I decided to check and here you are today... It's so good to see you back, but I can't believe you've gone through so very much. I can imagine that just one of those would be very tough :/ I would hug you if I knew whether or not you'd be weirded out. Welcome back, though, I'm excited to see your writing again.

    P.S. Fish are friends, not food xP Finding Nemo

  • Oh my god!! I hope you're okay. Who drugged you?! I hope you feel better really soon because your series are off the chart. :P. But I can't wait for the next series because I'm pretty positive that it'll be as good as your other ones. And I hope you put some of your dreams in the next series because I love hearing about other people's weird and interesting dreams.

  • @lionheart: Thanks for understanding:)

    @MysteriousEntity: And thank you:) I have alot of catching up to do on your series;D lol

    @xxblutixx: Lol i wouldnt be weirded out xD the only thing that sucks is the fact that my ex was my crush but I remember nothing of the relationship D'x

    @DaughterOfA pollo: I'm not sure. theres an investigation going on but no leads so far. And also I cheaked and it is! xD and I will:3

    Ps. I also remember my password;D

  • Holy Crap! I can't believe you went through all of that. I support you one hundred percent!!! Can't wait for the new series. ^__^

  • WOW, you've been through a lot! Don't worry, I completely understand. WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!! :D


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