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Siblings are WIERD....... They're like little things made to irritate you. But what can I say you gotta love them anyway. NOW PLEASE CONTINUE READING PLEASE?!?

Created by: 33iZZy18
  1. It's literally been forever and so many things have been happening all at once that I couldn't write and I thought people wouldn't care if I stopped but I got a few emails and stuff and then brought me back:')
  2. First things first I'm going to explain what's happening in my life at the moment. I lost my memory. I was drugged and it caused me to lose two months of my memory. I still don't have it back and when my boyfriend broke up with me (he couldn't deal with my memory loss) my "best friend" spread rumors that I was lying an wanted attention when I had proof I went to the doctor-.- my best guy friend died and I lost it. I'm having boy drama with another guy who claims he's in love with me when I don't see him like that. And I've had alot more issues goin on with my family. Feuds, gossip, secrets being exposed. And again this all made me not be able to write.
  3. And with all these things it made me become inspired to write a new story. Obviously magic is going to be involved cx but it's not going to be my story. There might be some aspects in my life that will be mentioned but I want to have fun with it. Do something different. I've been having weird dreams lately and I've been writing them down and it's given me ideas.
  4. I'm going to continue my last two series!!! I don't like to leave unfinished work:)
  5. Yeah...
  6. I'm done now o-o
  7. FISHES!!
  8. Djakbrianrbkahehs
  9. Dhkajraksobg
  10. Fjakfvrocneldbt

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