The unexpected day part 1

I hope you take my quiz I spent ages making it..I just started writing and couldn't stop! It's wierd,that doesn't usually happen I can onl usually be bothered to write a paragraph and lose interest bu this story really made meen joy writing more!

I you read this I will be soo happy also commenting and rating really helps me choose how to continue this quiz so yeah if you can be bothered to comment,please do!

Created by: Morgie

  1. I didn't know what to do a really hard decision lay in front of me,to go shopping or to keep sleeping,finally I decided to roll out of bed,I shrugged on my deep red t-shirt and aggy faded denim jeans and tied my long dark brown hair in a plaid down my back."Emily,Mays here!" called my mum."Are we going into town allready?"I shouted supprised. "Yeah,we are!" Yelled May.
  2. "Coming! " I said,I fel as if I was in a dream. Was just expecting so etching to happen that might change something in my life...I ignored this feeling and headed downstairs to go into town with may. Once we were in town that wierd feeling that had come over me loosened off a bit and I started to enjoy my trip into town. "Em,I wanna go check out that alleyway we found , remember?" Said May sounding bouncy. I remembered all right. Last time w were up town we spotted this dark alleyway that was in between Starbucks and mcdonalds . I didn't like the look of it it wa dark and dank and slimy,to be honest it was disgusting,it looked like a normal alley but didn't feel like one,at all. We didn't venture more that a few steps in because all the shops were closing and we were getting bored.
  3. "May , I don't wanna do down that alleyway,I gives me the creeps" I mumbled "OMG Em you are such a wuss!" Exclamed May. That's the thing I didn't like about may sometimes if you didn't want to go somewhere she would take it out on you and make you feel as if you were a coward or lazy.i know she didn't meen to be mean but hey,that's not an excuse to like it is it?
  4. I don't know why I did it I don't know why I said "yes" "Good, let's Go!" May squeezed exitedly like a twelve year old schoolgirl,she looked like a twelve year old schoolgirl,not fifteen.
  5. We walked to the alleyway,May bubbling over with excitement me fuming and tremmbling with anger and fear. Finally it loomed in front of us. I had no idea why but my eyes were full of tears. Why were we doing this?
  6. " I'm not doing this,May your on your own" I said half-heartedly. "Em,seriously what is wrong with you it's a man made alleyway for gods sake!"May shouted ,exasperated. " I'm not scared I just... Don't want us to get lost!" I lied. "You are such a lier!" May smirked,"fine I will go in by mysel to prove its not 'dangerous' " She made a face.
  7. Why was I being such a wuss? It was just an alleyway after all? Bu something was nagging at the back of my brain...
  8. A frown flickered on Mays face,has she ad that nagging feeling to? It didn't matter no may was definitely going to go down that alleyway now,no matter what, nd I couldn't stop her... Why didn't I just stay in bed...
  9. May edged forwards and then she ran into the alley,her red hair bouncing up and down on her shoulders..
  10. And then I heard a piercing scream that seemed to stop time all together and may was pulled down the corner of the alleyway...

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