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  • Guess what, guys? Allissa is Bored 1 is out! Of course it doesn't show up, you all know the drill. :P

    @TNMEBDMS girl: Oh dear... what are you taping to the ceiling. xD

    @musicdino: YES! GET A WATTPAD! GET A WATTPAD! GET A FREAKING WATTPAD! I need more friends on that site. xD Your llama sounds cool and no, actually I was implying Ian... he's a hot 24 year old too. xP Have you seen his eyes? They're so beautiful...

    @bo oknerd224: No, my internet is fine and I have a fairly new laptop. But you know what? That's a great idea! Thanks! x3 :D

    @SaraW: Where have you been? I posted like 5 stories already. :P And no promises that I'll work on "When Worlds Collide" I'm so busy with other stories that it's not even funny. :S

  • Sounds AWESOME! Hey, should I get a wattpad? Oh and about your pet unicorn, killer, I have a pet llama named earl and he's rainbow colored (Okay that was really random, but just like the random chicka I am I posted it anyways, cuz I'm a total badass XD) Anyways, HELLZ YEAH!! Alissa is bored would be freaking awesome! Oh! By the way I THINK I'm not sure if this works, but I think I know how to get your quizzes posted on the new quizzes list :D!

    Type in login in the search bar
    Click login to gotoquiz account

    After you could go to create a quiz and it should work (hopefully >.>) Sorry if it doesn't but that's how it works for me. Hope I helped.

  • That sounds cool!And you know that all of your fans like reading the random stuff you put on here, and your fans are the only ones who can read it, so why not?Plus we all know that you're dying to post a quiz on here(Even if you've posted 3 since you vow not to post quizzes XD).Also, why does Gotoquiz hate your computer so much?The only explainations I can think of is:A:Your computer is a dinosaur, or B:You don't have good internet service.But those are the realistc versions.Ooh!You can make one of your AIB quizzes about Outragious reasons why GTQ wont post your quizzes!But yeah, AIB sounds like a good Idea.

  • Wait a minute.... When you said that your not a hot 24 year old guy... Were you implying to Anthony? ;) because if you were I totally caught you. Okay NOW I'm gonna stop talking :P

  • Yes yes yes and yes you should!!!!! Have you posted anything wattpad yet??? I haven't seen anything yet... And will you pretty pretty please with a Dan on top... Work on when worlds collide PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Yes! Make "Allissa is Bored"! I seriously believe EVERYONE on gotoquiz AND wattpad will read them! :D Crap, gotto go tape something to the ceiling... long story...

    TNMEBDMS girl
  • Ok will you now reply to me? I feel so depressed. Ok wait... You like pie?! Pie as in me?! Well than you and WTH?! Ok now make "Allissa is bored" cuz I'm so bored


  • I think you should do it and yes 2nd! I hope you do :)

    Beautiful Games
  • OMG YES!!! I will tptally watch Alissa is bored!!!


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