I can't go home

This is a story I made up at my house on a snow day. I have lots of ideas to put together so this series might take awhile to get done. Right now, the series is just heating up so stay tuned.

There's also another thing. It's time for today's DAILY QUOTE. The quotes that I write may be things I create from my mind or read in a book recently or a line from a song I just listened to. Today's quote: All is fair in Love, War, and FRUITCAKE !☺

Created by: AudreeForever

  1. It's a beautiful day out. You and your brother, Damean, are digging for worms in the garden to put in your 8-year old cousin's salad. You're doing this because ever since her mom became the president of G.P.A. (Guarded Protection Association) Halle's been a real brat. You've finally had enough of her superiorness and are now going to give her a taste of her own medicine.
  2. Damean and you are just about to give up when you here a rustle in the tree above you. You look up but don't see anything in the tree. When you look down at the shadow of the tree , though, you see the shape of a bird in it. Slightly spooked you just tell Damean to give up. He agrees and you both sit down on the picnic blanket.
  3. But just before you are able to make a toast to your mischievousness with your lemonade, you hear a scream and a clatter.
  4. You burst through the back door but before you can scream, everything goes black. The last thing you can remember is someone in the background shouting, "Boss ain't gonna be happy when he learns you hurt the little ones, Groceran!"
  5. FOUR YEARS LATER 🌙- You wake up to my alarm (the rushing sound of a waterfall). The first thing you think of is your brother. Not sure you look at the time wondering how early they made you wake up this time. The clock reads 3:28. The earliest they've ever made you at. Trying to remember your past you suddenly remember that 3/28 is your brother's birthday. You try again desperately to remember his name but you fail as usual.
  6. You hop out of bed and head to the sink to wash off your face. After that you feel like you can actually live for the next three hours but that's not long enough to get through the day. You need some kind of meal because they haven't been feeding you for the past four days. And it's right then you realize you need to break out.
  7. One of the guards approaches you with a tray of food that you are very surprised to see but you still refuse to be kept in this stink-hole. After the guard hands you your tray you say,"Wait, I just wanted to say.... Thank you. " The guard motions all the others out the door, then turns back to you. "Please do not make a single sound. I'm here to help you," he says to me. "Unfortunately we are going to have to go through some extreme measures...."
  8. As he puts his key in the lock a familiar voice shouts," STOP!"
  9. CLIFFHANGER! I'm so sorry but this is my first quiz EVER! And it's 1:30 in the morning and I might have school today, but I don't want to take any chances. So please comment. Thank you! 😝
  10. By the way (this counts), have you ever run away from home?

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