I Can Never Come Back (part 1)

This is my new book series, "I Can Never Come Back." I am Beautiful123, your author of it. Just a reminder, in every part, someone important to me dies. Like my dad dies in a neighborhood fire, and a big cry feast comes. Dad was the best to Laura, the somewhat anonymous narrator.

In this quiz story, Laura is telling it. Laura has brown hair and blue eyes. While Amber and Ari have others. Ari has red hair and brown eyes, and Amber has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Laura, Amber, and Ari are very important in this story, but they die near double digits, if there will be. Well, that's all! Now... Read!

Created by: Beautiful123

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  1. Hi, my name is Laura, I am 17 years old, and here's the story of how I died, on the completely ordinary day.
  2. I woke up on an ordinary Monday spring morning, here on my perfect bed. I smiled and stretched, got dressed and ready for school. I had breakfast, and my mom and dad looked super tired. I looked at the clock, and I was almost late. My eyes widened and I quickly shoved bacon into my mouth and ran through the door.
  3. My best friend, Ariana, was waiting for me. "I am so sorry Ari!" I yelled, and I ran with her. "Laura, I think you overslept again!" Ari said, running fast. The school bell rang and everyone went into class. "Ari, get the key." Ari had a special key that opened almost everything. Even a diary. She unlocked the English class door and quickly sat down. Me, too.
  4. My English teacher, Miss Destiny, looked at me and Ari. Miss Destiny asked us the question. You know what it was. "Laura overslept, and we got late." Ari said, sadly looking at me. I Really thought I would have detention. Miss Destiny walked up to me and gave me a detention ticket.
  5. My other friend, Amber, took the ticket off my desk. She would do anything for me. She took the ticket and put it in her desk. English class started and ended.
  6. Everyone exited their classes and went to other classes. Ari and me were always in the same classes in the same order: English, math, science, history, then gym. School finally ended and me, Ari, and Amber walked home together. "What was the detention ticket for?" Amber asked. My eyes widened. "Give the ticket Amber." Amber sighed a gave the ticket. I said bye to my friends and ran back into the school.
  7. I walked into the detention room and sat down somewhere. The detention teacher, Mrs. Golden stood in front of the classroom, about lessons to not get in detention. Most students fell asleep, but not me. Me, Laura, have finally found my inner smartness.
  8. Detention finally ended, and I found Ari and Amber waiting on the street. Their clothes were burnt and torn. Their parents were there too, and my mom, including some neighbors. "Where's Dad?" I asked my mom. My mom pointed to the burning street, where I found my dad bleeding and dead, burning. I cried. I looked up into the sky and I saw my dad's face. I cried harder and harder when my dad's face was still in the air. My friends and my mom surrounded around me, trying to cheer me up. But, it didn't work.
  9. That's when my dad can never come back.
  10. Rate and comment, just for Laura and her family!

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