Hunger Games Quiz

Lots of people think they could survive the Hunger Games. Do you? So many people are in to the Hunger Games! Are you? I hope so. Good luck on my quiz! HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Could you survive the Hunger Games? Could you be like Katniss, Rue, or Peeta? This quiz will answer all your questions! All it takes is a few clicks!!

Created by: Rick Shaw
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  1. If your sister was picked for the Hunger Games would you..
  2. When the Games began, would you..
  3. Who would you team up with?
  4. Would you ___ and ____ the whloe time?
  5. If Cinna was going to catch you on fire, would you...
  6. EXTRA CEDIT: What color is Glimmer's hair?
  7. What is the type of bird on the front cover?
  8. Where is Panem?
  9. When Rue dies would you...

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