The Hunger Games {Part One}

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I hope you guys liked my first part of The Hunger Games. It took me a long time on my kindle fire to type this up so I really hope you liked it. May the odds be ever in your favor~

I hope you guys liked my first part of The Hunger Games. It took me a long time on my kindle fire to type this up so I really hope you liked it. May the odds be ever in your favor~.

Created by: Snuggles
  1. I couldn't sleep. Not with this going on. The wind flew past the old shutters as the creaked from side to side. The 10th Hunger Games. It was a big deal. I was only 14,so I didn't have a big chance of staying alive if my name was chosen. District 10 wasent a bad one, but it wasent a good one either. At my age and my district I didn't have a chance. I didn't want to go to the reaping. I just wanted to hide under my old bed as they called the names. I was afraid I would be picked. My twin sister Samantha I knew was scared too. She was chosen when she was 12 but our older sister took her spot. My older sister Katherine was in the final two. She was very ill and couldn't take much anymore. She was killed quickly and as the cannon went off, we knew we were going to be poor. Katherine was our main food supplier. I go off in the woods and do her job for my family. You have to sleep I thought to myself. I tossed and turned, not being able to sleep at all. Slowly, I found myself drifting away as my eyes closed.
  2. My eyes slowly opened as my mother gently shook me away. "Its time to get dressed Rosy," my mother said quietly. Her eyes had a tint of fear but her words were soft. She hugged me tight and walked out of my room. I put on a well fitting pink dress that had black ribbon on it. I slowly pulled my pink arm thing with black stripes onto my arms. If I was chosen, they would keep me a bit warm. I walked into the small dining room and sat down in front of my mother. She took turns braiding me and Samantha's blonde hair. We looked just alike from head to toe. We were wearing the same outfit. There was no way no one could tell us apart without asking. We nodded at each other. When my mother was done we all hugged each other tight. Since Dad died we have been very close. I heard a loud knock on the door. Mother slowly opened the door. My best friend Jake was standing there with a two roses in his hands. He was the only one who could tell us apart besides our mother. My mother let him in and he walked up to us. His brown hair was ruffled in a cute way and his brown eyes looked into my eyes. "A rose for Rosy," Jake said and handed me the beautiful rose. "And a rose for Sam, " he said handing one to Samamtha. "Oh thank you Jake!" I said flinging my arms around his neck. I hugged him tight and he hugged me back. At the door was another knock. My mother opened it to see Samamtha's best friend Sammy. His red hair was ruffled like James and his green eyes showed happiness. Jake and Sammy were twin brothers. My mother had agreeded to bring them with us since we were all close. Samantha hugged Sammy tears filling her eyes. Sammy hugged her back. We all did a group hug and looked at each other. "Were all the same age. We have a good chance of being picked, " Samantha said looking as if she was going to cry. I looked at them sadly and nodded my head. "This may be our last day together with the four of us, " Jake said sadly. "I-I don't wanna die, " I said starting to cry. They all hugged me and looked at me. "None of us is gonna die, " Samantha said trying to hide fear in her voice. "Were strong, " Sammy said. My mother looked at all of us. "I love all you guys very much. I'm not losing any of you," my mother said hugging us tight. We grabbed each others hands and began to walk out the door.
  3. We stood at the square and signed in. I wrote 'Rosetta Winx' in neat cursive. The pricked me with the needle. I walked over to Samantha, Sammy, and Jake and we stood hand in hand. We looked at each other for what might be the last time. We all did a quick group hug then looked down at the ground as they began to talk about the Hunger Games. I knew they weren't listening, almost no one was. "Now lets pick the woman" the lady said happily. We all looked at each other with sad eyes. "The girl is.....Samantha Winx!" I heard my sisters name and I jerked my head up. Samantha hugged us all then began to walk up. Jake and Sammy began to cry softly but I didn't. When she reached the stage I yelled... "I VOULENTEER FOR HER!"
  4. "I see we have a voulenteer!" I ran up to the stage. "I see we have twins! How nice! What's up name sweetie?" The lady said holding the mic to my face. "Rosetta Winx" I said strongly. I looked at Jake and Sammy. They looked stunned and sad. Samantha hugged me tight then ran off the stage into Sammy and Jakes arms. The hugged her tight as tears fell down their faces. I knew to try not to cry. "Now the boy is....Daniel Hay!" I didn't just hear his name. He was 17 and he was very nice. I knew he could kill in a second. I heard a voice yell.. "I VOULENTEER!" I watched as the voulenteer ran up to the stage. "Henry?" I said softly as my brother stood beside me.
  5. Henry looked at me. He was 18 and this was his last year. Daniel was his enemy but he had come up. His blonde hair waved into his face and blue eyes stunned me. "I'm going to keep you safe, " Henry whispered softly as people began to leave. I watched my mother take Jake, Sammy,and Samantha into her arms. They sobbed loudly and looked at me sadly. I looked down and sighed. This is my fate, " I thought.
  6. They rushed me and my brother off the stage so they could dress us up before we got onto the train. They put makeup on my face and dressed me up in a dress that had bright apples on it. It was beautiful with the bright green flats that they gave me. We were rushed quickly to the train. I sat beside my brother and put my head on his lap. "I'm gonna die Hen," I said softly calling him by his nickname. "Not on my watch. Don't think that Rosetta, " Henry said rubbing my hair softly. Tears ran down my cheeks. "But what if I do?" I said choking on my tears. Henry whipped my tears away and spoke in a soft voice. "Your not going to. Now sleep Rosy, " he said kissing my forehead. I followed his orders and fell asleep on his lap.
  7. I awoke as the train made a small jerk then continued to move. "Breakfast Rosy, " Henry said lifting my head up. I got dressed in the outfit I wore at the reaping and let Henry braid my hair like mother did. We held hands as we walked to the dining room. Rolls and cheese, chickens and hens of all sort were laying at the table untouched. I sat beside Henry and began to eat. It was the best meal I have ever had since Katherine died. I dipped a large roll into a cup of coffee and tasted it. It was great. I listened as they told us we had to go to the training arena that afternoon to train. Henry spoke to Garret, the guy who won last year. He wasent like the others. He was never drunk and there was nothing wrong with him. I was starting to have a little faith that me or my brother would win.
  8. I got dressed in a red t-shirt and jeans as we went to see our family's for the last time before the games. The first to visit me was my mother and Samantha. I ran into their arms and cried hard. My mother spoke in a low voice telling me to be brave for my brother and I. I nodded my head. I hugged Samantha for a long time. She and I cried together and she gave me hope. The peacekeepers had to pull my mother and Samantha off me. The next visiters were Sammy, Jake, and their mother. Their mother, Lillian hugged me tight. "I hate these games Rosetta. You don't deserve this, " she said as she kissed my forehead. Sammy and Jake ran over to me and hugged me tight. "Be strong. I have faith in you, " Sammy said looking into my eyes. "Im praying for you Rosy, " Jake said brushing my hair out of my face. We all hugged again until the peacekeepers dragged them out. My eyes grew wide as the next visitor came in. "T-Tori?"
  9. I hope you liked it. The next one should come out soon!
  10. May the odds be ever in your favor~

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