Are You The Truest Hunger Games Fan?

Hey do you think you are the trurururestes fan of the hunger Games or would you like to find out if you are? Well here is the place were you can find out!

I hope you have lots of funnnnnnnnnnnnn taking my test and may the odds be ever in your favour! Oh and........... P.S. I was meant to write trurururestes!!!!!!

Created by: Milly Rose

  1. Let's start this off easy!How many hunger games movies are there?
  2. What does Peeta burn to give to katniss?
  3. What is Gale's last name?
  4. Who offered katniss a sugar cube?
  5. What district was Rue from?
  6. What is Caesar the news reporter/interviewers last name?
  7. How did katniss's dad die?
  8. Who gets married in the last movie?
  9. What is peeta's favourite colour?
  10. Who wrote the hunger games trilogy?
  11. What is primrose's cat's name?
  12. Who is the president of district 13?
  13. What is the most famous line from the hunger games?
  14. We're dose Katniss find Peeta?
  15. What weapon does Finnik usually use?
  16. Is this the last question?

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Quiz topic: Am I The Truest Hunger Games Fan?