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  • When you meet your true love you will be sooooooo hot. But that's probably because he just spilled his espresso on you. Feeling the need to apologize he starts babbling I'm sorry's. The one thing that shuts him up though is when your eyes meet. You're both silent and you have forgotten the hot coffee across your torsohe finally comes up with a new way to say he is sorry and asks you on a date. The date goes fantastically and he walks you to your doorstep. An awkward silence passes over the both of you. Only then did you notice that he has been holding your hand. Ever so slightly he takes his other hand and caresses your cheek. You both lean forward and a shiver runs all through you as your lips meet

    Wow this actually decent cos its realistic, and that sounds like my luck getting coffee all over me

  • Umm I cant stop smiling

    He either is or will be your best friend. You both have a firm relationship. But soon something more grows and you can't ignore the butterflies in your stomach everytime you see him. You soon begin to get the hint that he feels the same way. One day when you two are on an action movie binge at your house he out of nowhere kisses you. Your brain becomes a labyrinth of emotions twisting over eachother. Unsure of which path to start on you gasp smile sheepishly and blush. You both knew it had to happen soon.

    Wait I dont have any best friends and all my friends are girls who I dont really want to be friends with anymore.Im smiling because it implies he and or will be your best friend.

  • Awww, this is so romantic; splash. :)

  • in a game of 7 minutes in heaven... ummm... somebody tell me what that game is...?!

    • It is where you pick something from a hat that a boy put in or spun a bottle and who ever you pick you go in a closet for 7 min and do what you want kiss talk be weird

  • With a splash.

  • I got With A Splash. Cool quiz. 10/10

  • cute!!! its adorable. only i hope its a 7up because that is not so hot and cannot be seen.

  • What the hell? Why is mine a boy? My true love is a girl not a boy!!

  • Ahh, 'And they call it coffee looooove..." :3

    Loony Luna
  • with a spalsh!


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