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  • Die in a car accident? Me? Never, I'm not getting a car anyways --- you don't need those in New York, you have Taxis!

  • I would probably die by getting too close to tigers in a zoo XD but there wasn't an option for that :(

  • I got the best way to die lol it's sleep honestly I did not think I would get the best way to die at least I was blest with a painless and harmless fearless death🙂

  • I will die in a car accident. Aaaaaaa. I actually think I will die in a plain crash. Oh, by the way, I have a quiz. It's called Ultimate Percy Jackson quiz. My name is sunny/luna/piper but i post as user.

  • Sorry But i have posted my previous comment more than 10 times and it didn't work so don't be fooled

    J Mason
  • im going to die saving someones life heroic but um scary for 1 im not ready to die for 2 what about growing up college getting married having a future just God dont take my life yet cause im not ready

  • I'm going to die of boredom also of murder 73 percent.... Im only 12! Now I'm scared.... Does anybody also believe in it?

  • I'll die in a terminal illness glad, I didn't get die in sleep or saving someones life or during sex and GOSH really you had to write that...REALLY?!?! D: IM ONLY 9 DUDE!!

  • I will die having sex seriously I have had it loads already and I don't think I will die from it

  • How will I die?
    Your Result: You will die while having sex. 77%

    Your last moments in this life will be enjoyable indeed...hopefully. Do not fear sex. Try not to become celibate as a way of escaping death. You cannot run from destiny.

    i m frightened know lol no baby for me when i grow up lol jk

  • I will die while saving someone's life. The most noble of all deaths. My rewards will be great in the next life. LOL! Cool! I liked your quiz :)

    Cate Palantir
  • Die having sex nice! (Sarcastically)

    Bella Cullenz
  • Sorry!cooldiggy1995 is my cousin,Olivia.I forgot to go on my account

    I'm playing on her laptop.The last message was mine!

    My name is Natalie and I'm GirlyGirl13.

  • I don't think that is how I will die and it is a load of s--- cos I dont drive and I don't wear my seatbelt and I have had 2 60.00 fines already sooooo

    wot do u think

  • that was amazing but i dint get it i am so confused what is going on ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i board fashkffgghdkhsd you dont have to read the rest asut akljtwa eroig alakgj aoi lalalalala hfad;hkfa blue fajk pinapple hd.kjjkfsdahjs i fill like italian food hosfkhfaehf lalalalala i have nothing to do hfhoi;sd;h i am so not looking forward to starting school i am going into 9th gread so starting high school ya fun but ya hey gess what i am in a contry called kazhkstan did you know that it is the 5th larget country in the world and the largest landlocked country and befor i knew i was coming here i didnt even know it exested ya i have ben so board for the past month and all i had to do to keep me ocupied was a slow laptop whith a realy slow internet conection i haent talked to people besids my family for over a month so i think i am going insain and i haent writin anny yhing in a long time so my spelling is realy bad can you tell i amm also writing this on a laptop where the kays are falling off so it is veary difficult to typ you realy dont have to read this i am suprised you made it this far wow this is giting realy long but i amm keeping going so i am wondering does anny ine know what 78x86-45+104x236-14 54= just wondering and does anny one know somthing yo can do by yourself with only papper and a laptop that is fun hmm do you know what i am going to play a gam i will go post this on 17 other quizzes including this one see how many you can find and if you want to tell me that would be great but i really doubt anny one will play why are you still reading you have somthing better to do.

  • I'm gonna die while saving someone's life. Now to remember not to save anyone's life EVER.

  • I highly doubt that any of us will die the way your stupid little quiz has predicted. Me for example, I got a car accident. PLEASE LIKE I WILL DIE OF WHAT YOU SAID BECAUSE YOU SAT IT! I hardly listen to half the stuff my mom tells me. So why in the world should I .... why should any of us take tips on how to die from YOU?!?!? I suggest that you find a way to take that quiz from the Top 40 Best to the Top 40 Worst. Or better yet just take that piece of crap off permently... who's with me?

  • haha thanks foe that you really think your funny don't you!!

    its my first time i go onto this and it comes up that and plus i get scared easily thanks alot anyway m8!!

  • okay i am really freakin' here...i took this quiz 3 different times w/ different answers except the factual ones, and all 3 said i was going to die in a car accident. makes me think twice when gettin' into a car now

  • It said I will die while saving someone else's life.

    Also, no one can die of boredom. It's possible someone can be bored and kill them self like snap. But then that'd be suicide.

  • Car accident. Wooo. I'll probably be drunk at the time xD But no I'd rather die in my sleep cuz' I'm just boring like that.

  • A nuclear holocaust!! That's kinda cool. Am I the cause of it?, maybe I'll be the exploding man like in Heroes.

  • I'm Michael Jackson's real life girlfriend

    M J
    • No you're not, Michael Jackson was married and is now deceased.

  • Your Result: You will die in a nuclear holocaust.

    y u bully me
  • Die in my sleep and die saving someone's life got the same percentage. At least that makes me feel like a well person. XD


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