How Welsh are you mun?

I'm supposed to write something wity and profound in this paragraph about geniuses and whether you are one or not. But it's not about being a genius, it's about how Welsh you are, which is genius in itself.

This is a continuation of the first paragraph and I'm supposed to wonder if you're a genius. I don't care if you are or not. It's just a bit of fun mun :-)

Created by: Lee J
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  1. Can you speak Welsh?
  2. Do you own a Welsh Rugby jersey?
  3. England v Anyone else at any sport. Who are you supporting?
  4. Are you from North Wales or South Wales?
  5. Who's coat is that jacket hanging on the floor?
  6. Tidy darts?
  7. Which city is the Welshest?
  8. Hungry?
  9. Have you been to Barry Island?
  10. Mam, mum or mom?
  11. The land of song...
  12. Famous Welsh people.

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Quiz topic: How Welsh am I mun?