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  • Your Result: Bluestar

    Congratulat ions you are the noble leader of Thunderclan. Your target is to not let other beings spoil things for you and always forgive and forget easily and not to brew over it inside your den all alone. Except for that you are EXTREMELY loyal clan .

    67% FIRESTAR
    40% sandstorm
    14% cloudtail
    0% Darkstripe
    0% greystripe
    0% tigerclaw
    0% whitestorm
    0% ravenpaw
    0% barley

  • Your Result: Darkstripe 28%

    you are a Firestar all complete HATER ! you are mean and arrogant and spoil things for people your pelt may be sleek and you may be cunning but you are a rubbish fighter and quite a scardey-cat.

    16% tigerclaw
    All the others were Zero percent.

  • Wtf? I would sooo not be Darkstripe. What is this person thinking

  • Im not darkstripe you need to read the books


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