how well would you do in the world of warrior cats?

are you a true warrior cat find out with this quiz although I am only 9 I will not tolerate any rude behaviour in My quiz . This includes swearwords .

find out with THIS quiz if you could be a warrior cat. You could be Firestar or Whitestorm or .....just take the quiz and see . I promise you you will get great results !

Created by: zoe
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your leader asks you to be deputy what is your reaction ?
  2. what are your four favourite sports
  3. what's your favourite coulor ?
  4. what letter does your first name start with
  5. what is your favourite warrior cat name
  6. what words describe you most ?
  7. how tall are you ?
  8. which cat would be your best friend in warrior cats ?
  9. what clan do you belong to ?
  10. what rank are you in the clan ?
  11. do you hate darkstripe ?
  12. what would you want to be called as a warrior cat ?
  13. what would you call your kits ?
  14. who is your mate ?

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