how well does your view on dating agree with mine?

Do you agree with me? My view is conservative, but not incredibly so (well, some people might think it is). Good looks are important to me, but good personality is more so. see how well you agree with me and please rate this quiz!!! ;lkjasdfl;j a;lkjdf;aljk ueinckd aokoksjf

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Created by: claire

  1. what should a relationship be based on?
  2. how long should you wait before having sex?
  3. how important is it that your family/friends like him/her?
  4. how close of a relationship do you want with your SO?
  5. how important to you are their morals?
  6. true or false: you need to "date around" to make sure you know what you want.
  7. should your SO's family like you?
  8. do you want to be in the same social groups? (have the same friends)
  9. if you had to choose one or the other or good looks or good personality (and can't have both) which would you choose?
  10. i'm running out of questions... um... do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well does my view on dating agree with mine?