Are you adictes to the adicts

The Adicts are a wonderfull band, are you one of their fans? If so, how much? When did the adicts start, do you know their songs, take the quiz now. Test your love to the adicts.

The adicts is a great band, do you agree? If you agree, you must be a fan, and how much of a fan are you. Are you a true fan, take this quiz and find out.

Created by: kaare of
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  1. What is the adicts lead singer
  2. The adicts image is directly related to which movie
  3. The following is NOT an adicts song
  4. The adicts come from what town in england?
  5. The adicts were originally named
  6. When did the adicts from as a band?
  7. When did the adicts break up
  8. Whcih of the following is nto an adicts album
  9. Which of these people are NOT in the adicts
  10. What is monkeys real name

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Quiz topic: Am I adictes to the adicts