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We know 1D is the biggest band on the planet. There are few people who don't know them especially their songs and I know that you know everything about them because you're a directioner right?

Are you a directioner? You might listen to them everyday so you must know everything about their songs. Take this quiz to test yourself. I wish you best of luck 👍

Created by: Harriet

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  1. Okay so welcome here dear directioner,let's start from an easy one. Which song this lyric belongs to, "You can't go to bed without a cup of tea"
  2. Complete the lyric: "One by One I gotta take them down but you____?
  3. Who sang this line "reality ruined my life" (I would)
  4. Okay turn to some solo material. What's the name of Louis' latest single
  5. Go tommo go-This lyric belongs to
  6. In which solo song did Harry says "Ding"
  7. The easy one- Baby you're my only reason, if I didn't have you_____ (Complete it)
  8. From which song these words maybe from-- Red, dress, moon, crazy, night, heart, loud, innocence etc.
  9. Okay Which album of 1D this song belongs to-- "Nobody compares"
  10. Three of the 1D members have the same first letter of their new single. Which that lucky letter is??

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