Which Leahey are You?

Leahey and Leahey is a program presented by PBS Hawaii which appears on Wednesdays at 7:30. Jim Leahey and Kanoa Leahey are the father and son team who host this "generationally challenged" weekly discussion of life and sports in Hawaii.

Which one of the Leaheys speaks more closely to your view of the world? Are you more like Jim Leahey, the wise father figure, or do you agree more closely with the younger and more adventuresome Kanoa?

Created by: jeff of dancing pencil
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  1. Which of the following would you prefer to eat?
  2. Which activity would you rather do to reduce your stress?
  3. Which quote best fits your personal philosophy:
  4. Which "life lesson" do you agree with the most:
  5. Which health goal best matches your own:
  6. Facial hair or clean shaven?
  7. Did you attend college on the mainland, or in Hawaii?
  8. Which is the better local sports channel, K5 or KHON-2?
  9. Who wins most of the 'discussions' on Leahey versus Leahey?
  10. With which of the Leaheys would you rather sit across the kitchen table from?

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Quiz topic: Which Leahey am I?