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  • my pet is a and her two brothers and sister was born on 2-27-11.5 out of 4 lived,they are precious,and one of the rarist breeds.actully they seem to be quite new...i love her already,i don't even have her yet.her name will be anala.pretty,huh?if you would like one than comment back and we can make arrangements.rememb er they are to young to leave their mother for now but later on mabie you can have one of these precious babies.2boys -1girl.sealpoint siamese/flame point himalayan mix!beutiful!!!:P(t hey are pure-bred pedigreed so they will be like $150-$250).:)bye-by e!

  • a wwwwww, biscuit i love you too :D

  • my angelo does love me!

    i am 22345
  • i hate that test i will never take it again!!!!!!!

    jblover 4 eva
  • Um...these questions are invalid for hermit crabs

  • My cat loves me that much?! Wow and she doesn't live in a cage! She is an exotic cat, a Savannah, the mixture between a wild Serval and a house cat. She has beautiful markings and fierce golden eyes, and i say fierce because if she looks at you in a certain way it looks like she is ready to pounce!

    Twilight The Owl
  • It did not have my dog's eye color. Or anything near it really. My dog has unusual eyes, they are a golden yellow. Its pretty epic.

  • my cat doesn't live in a cage lol :P
    love the quiz high ratings! :D

  • I love my pet as well as she loves me. :D


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