How Well Do You Know Your Mama Mia?

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If you ever visit the Gotoquiz forums, then you better know who the sassy grandma lurking around is. That is your Nonna Mia, and you best prove that you know her.

If you can't prove that you know your Nonna Mia, then you cannot be in Nonna Mia's will. So you better hope you've been visiting your Nonna in the nursing home.

Created by: Mia is LOUD

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  1. What country do I live in?
  2. What sort of romance roleplays do I do?
  3. What do I drink in the morning?
  4. What is my favorite book?
  5. What year was I born in?
  6. Why am I called Mama Mia?
  7. Is my real name Mia?
  8. Do I have an email?
  9. Do you love your Mama Mia?
  10. Go be well and prosperous.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Mama Mia?