How Well Do You Know Undertale

There are many people who play and love Undertale. It is a very unique game, that has different gameplay from what outsiders consider normal. Because of Undertale's popularity, I made a quiz!

Weather you are just testing your knowledge or you are just trying to learn more, I don't think my quiz is best way to learn about Undertale. My quizzes are bad, but nonetheless, hope you enjoy.

Created by: KittenWhiskers 227
  1. I'll start with an easy one. Who commonly says "HOI"
  2. What is the song called that plays when you fight Sans?
  3. Sans and Papyrus are.....
  4. What is Flowey's catch phrase?
  5. What color does Sans wear?
  6. What is (probably) the most popular Undertale ship?
  7. Who is it that wants to be in the royal guard?
  8. Who saves you at the beginning of the game?
  9. Who made Undertale?
  10. What character do you play as?
  11. Okay, which character do you ACTUALLY play as?
  12. Which run do you fight Sans in?

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