what Undertale boss are you

a good and simple quiz for your personality share it with friends, family and peers if you are wondering what undertale boss are you take this quiz "it's good for people that like undertale"

which boss are you are you a boss like toriel, papyrus, undyne, mettaton, asgore or even moon lord take this quiz to find out what undertale boss you are

Created by: Moon Lord
  1. what gender are you
  2. what is your favourite colour scheme
  3. what is your favourite video game
  4. what is your fav restaurant
  5. do you like school or work
  6. who would you kill
  7. what is your fav subject
  8. which Undertale boss do you wish to be
  9. which social media platform do you use
  10. which song annoys you

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Quiz topic: What Undertale boss am I