How Well Do You Know Undertale?

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Welcome to the "How Well Do You Know Undertale" quiz! It revolves around actual questions about the game rather than opinions, and doesn't include lore that I know of.

I tried to make it simple and not too hard, but not too easy. Something for people to enjoy. Also, this is my first quiz, so if there are any errors, please excuse them. Anyway, best of luck, and enjoy this quiz!! :D

Created by: hannah ._.
  1. 1) What is the weapon you find in Hotlands?
  2. 2) Who made the art for Undertale?
  3. 3) Who was the first fallen human?
  4. 4) How many SOULS are there?
  5. 5) Who is Toby Fox represented by as a character in-game?
  6. 6) In the Genocide Route, what is Undyne's name?
  7. 7) What is the difference between the "Genocide" Route and "No Mercy" Route?
  8. 8) What year did Undertale make it's debut?
  9. 9) Who is Sans in general?
  10. 10) Does Papyrus like puns?
  11. 11) Who is W.D Gaster?
  12. 12) Who is Frisk?
  13. 13) Who is the first character you meet?
  14. 14) What is the note on the Genocide route in the Snowdin shop?
  15. 15) What is the Undertale death song?
  16. 16) Is Frisk mute?
  17. 17) Who is talking while the Undertale Death Screen says?

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