How well do you know the Amish?

Have you ever seen an Amish person of family, and wondered a little more about them? Well, even if not this is a quiz about how much you know about the Amish, so why not take it?!

I guess you could say it is just a simple and plain quiz, just like the Amish. But Amish people are not just 'simple and plain'! Their lives are full of just like ours, praising God in just a different way.

Created by: Remember Joy
  1. What are the states the most Amish live in?
  2. How many children does an average size Amish family have? (They often have more or less, but this is just average)
  3. How do they get around?
  4. How do they do church?
  5. Here are going to be some 'easier' questions, so its likely you already know them. Okay? (Just choose the first 'ok' or it will take away effect)
  6. Do the Amish like photos?
  7. How do Amish girls and women clothe?
  8. How do Amish girls and women do their hair?(Usually, not always)
  9. What do girls and women wear on their heads?
  10. I hope you liked this quiz! I know questions #6-9 are quite easy, but I already said they would be. Now please just pick the first 'ok'.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Amish?