How Well Do You Know Scream?

There are many weird stuff in Scream but do you know them all? You might even see stuff through a different side after this quiz. You might even see why the killers did it. Have a nice day.

Do you know all about Scream, well find out here. In a few minutes you will be shocked if you do decide to. Thanks and I may of made some typos?

Created by: josh
  1. Who is the first victim?
  2. Tatum is killed by.
  3. What is Casey's favorite movie?
  4. The killer is
  5. The first time Sidney is attacked the killer is in the.
  6. Who is killed out of these?
  7. What movie makes fun of scream?
  8. The sequel to scream is.
  9. Who is the final person to be killed?
  10. Cotten is

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