How much does you know cam?

You've seen me, you love me. But do you know me? Are you my fiend are should you burn in a fiery pit of despair where noone can here you scream? Now for theme music, I like pie, do you too? If you don't, you must eat poo! ( sing in the theme of this old man)

Well, find out in the Cam Quiz? Many people have been benefited, or killed by the Cam Quiz! Try it, unless you want to burn in a fiery pit of despair where noone can here you scream! End theme! Yo! my gangster flow! Yo! YOYOYO! YOOOOOOO!

Created by: cameron
  1. What instrument do I play?
  2. Who's my best bud?
  3. What's my favorite video game?
  4. What's my middle name?
  5. Whats my favorite book!
  6. What's my favorite color?
  7. What are two of my nicknames?
  8. Who are you?
  9. Why do i hate Ohio, and Utah
  10. What's my favorite tv, and web show

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