How well do you know ptx?

If you are reading this than thank you for putting away sometime to do my quiz. This quiz is about Pentatonix an a Capella group. They are all amazing people and deserve all of our respect.

If you think you are the biggest PTX fan this is the quiz for you. After this quiz you could show your friends how you are an official Pentaholic. Or not and end up not telling them about your result. Anyway thank you for taking my quiz!

Created by: Jana Womack

  1. Where did Pentatonix Originate?
  2. How many members?
  3. What is the sopranos name or should I say man~prano?
  4. What is the sopranos name or should I say man~prano?
  5. What competition show did they star in?
  6. Kevin (The beat boxer) Beat boxes with what instrument?
  7. Which two from the group have a youtube channel together?
  8. What is the channel called?
  9. Which season did Pentatonix star on the singing competition we talked about earlier?
  10. What was there 2014 Christmas album called?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ptx?