How Well Do You Know Pentatonix?

Pentatonix is an a capella group composed of smart, musically intuitive young people. They're recognizable worldwide and many believe they know their journey well.

However, most of those people would be wrong. Are you? Take this quiz and find out just how much of your lousy life you have devoted to collecting information on strangers' personal lives.

Created by: katiebellpixie
  1. Starting easy, what are the names of the members of Pentatonix?
  2. Who is the countertenor?
  3. Who is the baritone?
  4. Who is the bass?
  5. Who beatboxes?
  6. What is Kirstie's vocal type?
  7. Who plays the cello?
  8. What is the cello's name?
  9. Who runs the YouTube channel "Superfruit"?
  10. Who is the group's tour manager?
  11. Who has directed a Pentatonix music video?
  12. Who joined the group last?
  13. When Pentatonix's album "That's Christmas to Me" topped the holiday charts, whose album did it replace?
  14. In what language, other than English, has Pentatonix released a song?
  15. What is the name of Pentatonix's YouTube channel?
  16. Scott and Mitch have a cat. What breed is it?
  17. Where is Scott's tattoo?
  18. What competition did Pentatonix win?
  19. Which member of Pentatonix is married?
  20. How many went to school together?
  21. Who did they perform for in 2015?
  22. Which is a song they have covered?
  23. What word did Beyonce use to describe Mitch and Scott?
  24. Who hurt their knee on tour?
  25. Who faceplanted on tour?
  26. Who butchered the words to a song they'd known for years on live radio?
  27. Who struggled with the explicitness of the lyrics of "OMG" on The Sing-off?
  28. When an interviewer asked who the best singer was, to whom did everyone else in the group point?
  29. How many times have Pentatonix been present at the AMA's?
  30. Who dubbed Avi and Kevin the "meat and potatoes" of the group?
  31. Finish the name of a popular Facebook page: "I want to see Pentatonix on __________."
  32. Who is the oldest member of the group?
  33. Who graduated last?
  34. This was too long so here's your wiggle room. The answer to this question is "Okay," okay?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pentatonix?