How well do you know PENTATONIX

This quiz is about how much you know about Pentatonix If you get high marks good job and if you get low marks then please get out of here please rate and comment too :)

Do YOU know Pentatonix REALLY well because this is not a very tough quiz and I just hope that you will enjoy taking it and rating and commenting on it and thanks for playing

Created by: Pentatonix superfan
  1. What are the members names
  2. What is Avi's sister's name?
  3. How many members
  4. Which competition did they star in
  5. What are the colors of Pentatonix
  6. Who is the tenor
  7. Who plays the cello
  8. Who does the channel SUP3RFRUIT
  9. What is the ship name of Scott and Mitch
  10. Who has the color green in the Ptx album

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Quiz topic: How well do I know PENTATONIX